The Ultimate Bathroom Storage Quiz
by Staff
Would you be a lot happier with your bathroom if it had the storage space that you really need? For most people there is never enough storage space in a bathroom. Take our quiz and find out whether you know what to do to solve the problem.

Where is a good place to store appliances that you use in the bathroom?

  • Store them in a wire basket strategically placed inside the vanity.
  • Store them in the hall closet and take them into the bathroom as required.
  • Use an over the door shoe bag where each appliance can have its own home.

What is a logical choice when you want to add shelving in the bathroom?

  • narrow shelves
  • adjustable shelves
  • glass bookshelves

Skinny shelves are the ideal size to fit:

  • around your medicine cabinet
  • between a commode and tub
  • over the sink or vanity

In addition to storing items, what else can adding skinny shelves accomplish?

  • They can give a perception that the room is larger.
  • They can act as a drying rack for facecloths and towels.
  • They can give a perception of height and provide a focal point.

What can you do if storage is already tight and you want to replace your vanity with a pedestal sink?

  • If storage is tight its best to stick with your vanity.
  • Go for the pedestal sink and add wire shelves designed for a pedestal sink.
  • Consider a vessel sink that sits on a vanity or counter and has the look of a pedestal sink.

What is a good example of task-specific storage designed for a bathroom?

  • a caddy rack that hangs on your showerhead
  • a wall mounted hair dryer
  • a decorative soap dish

How can you spice up task specific storage in your bathroom?

  • You can spray paint items to complement your bathroom finish.
  • You can replace older metal items with modern stylish units.
  • You can add decorative items such as woven baskets.

According to ABC News, how much time does the average American spend in the bathroom each year?

  • ten days
  • two weeks
  • four weeks

What is another good way to add extra cabinet space to a bathroom?

  • You can add custom cabinets above the bathtub.
  • You can cupboards above the commode.
  • You can add a triangular cabinet in that empty corner.

What is one method you can use to store spare towels?

  • Store spare towels in your linen closet until you need one.
  • Store spare towels in a wicker basket on the floor.
  • Store them neatly folded on the toilet tank.

What can you do with your personal necessities when storage is limited?

  • Store them on the bathroom counter.
  • Swap items like lotions out of the medicine cabinet to make room.
  • Put them in a cosmetic bag and take them into the bathroom as needed.

Approximately how many Americans drop their cellphone in the toilet every year?

  • about half a million
  • about five million
  • about seven million

What is one fact to consider when you are organizing your bathroom storage?

  • You cannot always buy a solution.
  • Space fills quickly with unnecessary items.
  • Larger items are best stored on the lower shelves.

There is no more room for storage, what now?

  • You can utilize the space on the edge of the tub for shampoo, bath oils and bubble bath.
  • Make up a bathroom kit for each household member to carry back and forth as required.
  • Rotate seasonal items like sunscreen in the winter to storage in another room.

How often should you inventory the bathroom to clear up unwanted or unused items?

  • once a month
  • every three months
  • twice a year

What is a great way to store your kid’s wet tubby toys?

  • Store the toys in a plastic box placed in the vanity.
  • Store the toys in a wicker box beside the tub.
  • Store them in a nylon fishnet sack.

What is an important consideration when arranging storage in the bathroom?

  • consistency
  • safety
  • utility

What is the most important thing to check if you plan to use appliances stored in the bathroom?

  • Check that appliances do not have worn or frayed cords.
  • Check that appliances will not reach the bathtub while they are plugged in.
  • Make sure that a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protects the outlet.

What is a unique way to achieve more bathroom storage that is often overlooked?

  • Built in cupboards that are flush with an interior wall.
  • Shelving that straddles the commode and gives storage above the tank.
  • Task oriented racks that fit in the corner and rest on a conventional tub.

What is a last word of good advice when designing bathroom storage?

  • Less is better.
  • Do not overdo it.
  • There can never be enough of a good thing.