So Say We All: The 'Battlestar Galactica' Vocabulary Quiz
by Staff
From the original 1978 TV show through the reimagined series, the slang flies. Chrome jobs, bullet-heads, the Big G. What the frak are they saying, anyway? Test how well you know your "Battlestar Galactica" lingo.

What does BSG stand for?

  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Battlestar Group
  • Battlestar Guns

True or false: A colony is a planet.

  • true
  • false

Who is second in command?

  • ECO
  • CO
  • XO

What color is ambrosia?

  • bright green
  • bright orange
  • bright pink

What are stims?

  • commanding officers
  • stimulants
  • trainee pilots

Since not "stims," what are trainee pilots called?

  • centars
  • nuggets
  • toasters

What's a free flight jump?

  • a parachute landing
  • a maneuver performed near a celestial body
  • artificial intelligence capable of operating a Viper

What is a triad?

  • a military tribunal
  • a weapon
  • a card game

What's known as the "book of strategy"?

  • fighter pilot manual
  • the book of the world
  • warbook

What is the Colonial equivalent of "mayday!"?

  • code blue!
  • great mother of Artemis!
  • krypter!

What are Cylons?

  • father-creator
  • fictional race of artificial intelligence
  • engineers who designed Cylon Centurions

Calling a Cylon a "skinjob" is a reference to what neonoir sci-fi film?

  • "2001: A Space Odyssey"
  • "Blade Runner"
  • "Brazil"

Which is NOT a type of battlestar in the Colonial fleet?

  • basestars
  • raptors
  • vipers

Where are you going if you're heading back to the barn?

  • back to base
  • on a voluntary mission
  • to Download City

What is the Colonial equivalent to an Earth year?

  • sectar
  • secton
  • yahren

If you're in your jock smock, what are you wearing?

  • a flight suit
  • civilian clothing
  • workout gear

Which expression is an affirmative reply spoken by Cylons?

  • by your command
  • by your leave
  • So say we all.

How many centons are equal to one centar?

  • six
  • 60
  • 600

Who are knuckle-draggers?

  • officers
  • enlisted personnel
  • pilots

What's a Code Blue?

  • security alert
  • medical emergency alert
  • a way to create virtual reality in someone's own mind

What is a week of Colonial time called?

  • micron
  • sectar
  • secton

What is the government-regulated Colonial currency?

  • cubits
  • daggits
  • tucanas

What happens when a Cylon is "boxed"?

  • that Cylon's consciousness is downloaded into a new body
  • that Cylon's consciousness is downloaded into storage
  • that Cylon's consciousness is deleted

What is happening when you go "skids up"?

  • manually aiming missiles at targets
  • out of ammunition
  • take off

Which American astronomer completes the expression "for ____'s sake!"?

  • Carl Sagan
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Stephen Hawking

Pyramid is what type of game?

  • a contact sport
  • a training simulation
  • a video game

What is the Colonial pain killer similar to morphine called?

  • carom
  • morpho
  • wilco

Who is the Actual?

  • the commanding officer
  • the senior pilot
  • the Imperious Leader

Tally, short for "tally-ho," means what?

  • an enemy target sighting
  • Safeties are off, and weapons systems are armed.
  • as soon as possible

True or false: Derez, short for deresolution, was first coined in Disney's "Tron."

  • true
  • false