The Ultimate Bedroom Decorating Quiz
by Staff
Bedroom decorating shows us how to personalize our bedroom and turn it into a relaxing retreat. Get great bedroom decorating tips by taking our quiz.

What is the main function of a bedroom besides sleep?

  • a relaxing retreat
  • a TV room
  • a snack room

How can you make a small room seem larger?

  • Use a lot of red.
  • Use light colors.
  • Use patterned wallpaper.

How can you make a large room seem cozy?

  • Use a lot of red.
  • Use light colors.
  • Use patterned wallpaper.

How high should your nightstand be?

  • as high as your dresser
  • as high as your mattress
  • as high as your box spring

What kind of linens should you buy?

  • the cheapest you can find
  • the best quality you can afford
  • all white

Children grow up quickly. Keeping this in mind, which of the following is a good choice for a small child's room?

  • themed wallpaper
  • neutral colors
  • pink or blue walls

What is the most practical floor covering for a kid's room?

  • shag carpet
  • multi-purpose vinyl flooring
  • parquet

What is the most practical type of lighting for a kid's room?

  • wall sconces
  • recessed lighting
  • both of the above

What is the most important feature of a kid's room, as far as a mother is concerned?

  • adequate storage
  • a wide-screen TV
  • a comfortable bed

What is the most important consideration when designing a comfortable room for your guests?

  • a TV
  • privacy
  • nice colors

Which features should be included in your guestroom?

  • a hot plate
  • a space for clothes
  • a laundry corner

What is the most luxurious floor covering for a master bedroom?

  • wall-to-wall carpeting
  • ceramic tiling
  • parquet flooring

Where's the best place to read in your bedroom?

  • your bed
  • a comfortable chair with good lighting
  • on the floor

In an island-style bedroom, we often incorporate woven baskets reminiscent of exotic island getaways. What type of chair would be the most appropriate in such a setting?

  • rattan
  • fabric-upholstered
  • wooden

French provincial design often borrows from the bold color palette of French Impressionist artists such as Monet. What colors do they prefer?

  • beige and brown
  • gray and white
  • blue and yellow

The best furniture color for a young girl's room is:

  • white
  • brown
  • black

What artistic effect can you paint on your ceiling to make a unique design statement?

  • a mural
  • a tapestry
  • a paper cut

What's a good way to make a high ceiling seem lower?

  • Combine paint and wallpaper on the walls.
  • Combine paint and hammered metal on the walls.
  • Combine paint and ceramic tiles on the walls.

What is an easy way to paint designs on your furniture?

  • with a stencil
  • with a roller
  • both of the above

What's the best way to personalize your bedroom?

  • Include personal mementos.
  • Paint your name on the wall.
  • Monogram your linens.