The Ultimate Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Quiz
by Staff
Much of what we eat has been produced at some point with the help of bees. Though these little creatures may not be around for long. Take this quiz to learn more about the bee crisis.

What is the term used to describe the hiring of bee hives to pollinate commercial crops?

  • pollination management
  • leased pollination stimulators
  • leased pollination management

What is another word for a beehive?

  • larvae
  • nest
  • colony

What percentage of the world's almonds are produced in California?

  • 10 percent
  • 50 percent
  • 80 percent

About how many beehives does it take to pollinate the Californian almond orchards?

  • 5000
  • 100000
  • 1 million

How many dollars worth of crops are pollinated by bees every year?

  • $5 billion
  • $15 billion
  • $50 billion

Which species of bees are used for commercial pollinating purposes?

  • honeybees
  • carpenter bees
  • bumble bees

What percentage of a beehive do beekeepers usually lose annually?

  • 10 percent
  • 20 percent
  • 30 percent

When did Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) begin in the United States?

  • 1998
  • 2002
  • 2004

What percentage of a hive has CCD eliminated?

  • 28 percent
  • 36 percent
  • 75 percent

What is bee bread made out of?

  • pollen and nectar
  • honey
  • grass and leaves

Which year turned out to be normal for Australian beekeepers?

  • 2002
  • 2004
  • 2008

What does IAPV stand for?

  • Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus
  • Irish Acute Paralysis Virus
  • Intravenous Acute Paralysis Virus

What is an example of a neonicotinoid pesticide?

  • clothianidin
  • formaldehyde
  • DDT

What has been ruled out as a culprit in causing CCD?

  • air pollution
  • global warming
  • cell phones and cell tower radiation

What psychological condition has been suggested as an explanation for CCD?

  • eating disorders
  • stress
  • social phobia

What is the name of the pathogen that some scientists suggest is responsible for the bee's demise?

  • varroa mites
  • single celled almagens
  • orthomyxviriade

What other species of bee is being looked at as a possible replacement for the honeybee?

  • carpenter bees
  • blue orchard bees
  • bumble bees

What is the name of the project to save the bee populations?

  • The Great Sunflower Project
  • Save the Bees Bee
  • CCD Prevention Project

Which part of a bee's biology may be responsible for CCD?

  • their reproductive system
  • their lack of genetic diversity
  • their tendency to die after they sting

What is the scientific name for a beekeeper?

  • apiarist
  • paleontologist
  • anarchist