The Ultimate Beetle Quiz
by Staff
Beetles are a species of insects that are tougher and cleverer than you would think. Take this quiz and learn more about the rugged beetle.

How many species of beetles are there?

  • 100,000
  • 300,000
  • 900,000

What is a beetle's external cover called?

  • elytra
  • electra
  • olytra

What do beetle forewings look like?

  • gauzy
  • thin
  • heavy and thorny

What are a beetle's hindwings like?

  • thing and membranous
  • heavy and thorny
  • gauzy

How does a beetle fly?

  • It uses its legs for extra lift.
  • It spreads its forewings.
  • It lifts its forewings and unfolds its hindwings.

What do the forewings of beetles who don't fly look like?

  • They are extra thick and hard, like bone.
  • They are fused together along the midline of the back.
  • They are thin, flimsy and gauzy.

How do beetles consume food?

  • through sucking
  • through chewing
  • through biting

How many pairs of legs do beetles have?

  • two
  • three
  • four

What is the size of the longest beetle?

  • one to two inches (two and a half to five centimeters)
  • two to three inches (five to eight centimeters)
  • five to six inches (13 to 15 centimeters)

How much does the goliath beetle weigh?

  • half a pound (200 grams)
  • one pound (450 grams)
  • two pounds (900 grams)

Which species of beetles are beneficial to crops?

  • sugar cane beetles
  • ladybugs
  • weevils

In what climates and conditions to beetles thrive?

  • in any temperature and condition
  • in colder temperatures
  • in warmer temperatures

Which species of beetle camouflages itself?

  • Jewel beetle
  • Cryptic beetle
  • Iliama beetle

What do some Jewel beetles have on their backs?

  • color patterns that resemble an eye
  • metallic colors
  • sharp crystals

What does a mimicry beetle do to protect itself?

  • It spews venom.
  • It mimics the behavior of different insects.
  • It gives electric shocks.

How many stages are there to a beetle's lifecycle?

  • two
  • three
  • four

What are the four stages of a beetle's lifecycle?

  • egg, larva, pupa, adult
  • egg, pupa, cocoon, adult
  • egg, pupa, adult, pupa

What do beetle larva look like?

  • mini alligators
  • worms
  • caterpillars

How does a beetle breathe underwater?

  • It breathes through gills on its forewings.
  • It holds its breath while it is under water.
  • It traps a bubble of oxygen under its elytra.

What feature do elephants and elephant beetles have in common?

  • trunk
  • tail
  • tusk