The Ultimate Best Hunting Dog Quiz
by Staff
Man's best friend can also be his best hunting dog. You can train your pooch to carry its weight in prey before your next hunting trip. Take this quiz to learn more about how to pick the best hunting dog.

What is a dog's natural talent?

  • protector
  • hunter
  • no natural talent

Dogs have a natural tendency to do what?

  • chase after moving objects
  • destroy furniture
  • bite strangers

What is historically a "dog's job"?

  • round up cattle
  • pull sleds
  • both answers

What dog is best for duck hunting?

  • golden retriever
  • hound
  • terrier

If you are hunting raccoons, what dog should you bring with you?

  • standard poodle
  • hound
  • German shepherd

Modern hunting dogs are initially trained to go after what animal?

  • rabbits
  • squirrels
  • birds

What dog is a quick learner and eager to please its trainer?

  • pointers
  • spaniels
  • both answers

What are hounds known for?

  • sense of smell
  • lack of intelligence
  • ferocity

What dog can retrieve birds and not damage them in the process?

  • English springer spaniels
  • pointers
  • neither answer

What dog will let you know where to find prey?

  • German shepherd
  • Irish setter
  • standard poodle

How does the Irish setter indicate the location of prey?

  • points
  • crouches down in a squat
  • both answers

What hunting dog is also a good dog in the home?

  • Labrador retrievers
  • Chihuahua
  • bulldog

What dog belongs to the versatile breed?

  • bulldog
  • drahthaar
  • poodle

What tasks will a versatile breed dog perform?

  • point
  • retrieve
  • both answers

Versatile breeds assist with the hunting of what animal?

  • birds
  • deer
  • both answers

Where do drahthaars originate from?

  • South America
  • Australia
  • Europe

How do pointers indicate they have located the prey?

  • crouch down in a squat
  • point
  • neither answer

What dog is one of the original hunting dogs?

  • Rhodesian ridgeback
  • pointer
  • hound

What is the Australian National Kennel Council equivalent of the sporting group dogs?

  • gundog group
  • retrieval dogs
  • glamour dogs

What household retrieval task can you train your dog to do?

  • newspaper
  • slippers
  • both answers