The Ultimate Bicycle Quiz
by Staff
Learning to ride a bicycle seems to be a universal experience for children around the world. Whether you've been riding bicycles since you were a child or just recently started pedaling, how much do you know about this elegant and simple vehicle?

Where were bicycles first introduced?

  • Europe
  • Africa
  • North America

What's the core of a bicycle called?

  • seat post
  • bracket
  • frame

What does the front fork hold?

  • the chain
  • the gears
  • the front wheel

What do bicycles use to reduce friction?

  • aerodynamics
  • ball bearings
  • oil

Which bicycle part doesn't have ball bearings?

  • gear shift
  • rear hub
  • front hub

The early bicycles that featured huge front wheels and small rear wheels are called:

  • unicycles
  • penny-farthing bicycles
  • parading bicycles

With today's bicycles, what are the pedals connected to?

  • the front wheel
  • the rear wheel
  • the seat tube

What are the pedals connected to in a penny-farthing bicycle?

  • the front wheel
  • the rear wheel
  • the fork tube

What's one of the reasons bicycles are made with gears?

  • to make bicycles appear more attractive
  • to reduce the size of the wheels
  • to create a smoother ride

Standard bicycle wheels are what size?

  • 24 inches (610 millimeters)
  • 26 inches (660 millimeters)
  • 28 inches (711 millimeters)