Building a Billion: Do you know how to make serious money?
by Staff
Some people have a knack for making money. Everything they touch seems to turn to gold, silver or oil. Are you one of them? Could you amass a billion dollars or perhaps a tad smaller amount?

Let’s start with some basic terminology. What’s the difference between a stock and a bond?

  • Purchasing a bond, not a stock, means that you have ownership in that company.
  • Owning a stock means you own part of that company, while purchasing a bond means that you’re lending that company money.
  • Bonds are a riskier investment than stocks.

Which one of these three careers had the best chance of getting you in the 2013 billionaire’s club?

  • fashion
  • sports team owner
  • media mogul

What’s the best way to strike it rich in Asia?

  • own a high-tech firm
  • sell real estate
  • own a manufacturing company

Which of the following annual household income levels fits the definition of “rich” for most Americans?

  • $122,000
  • $400,000
  • $1 million

How many households in the U.S. earn $1 million or more?

  • 233,000
  • 433,000
  • 633,000

Why do 40 percent of millionaires feel they are not wealthy?

  • They have huge alimony payments.
  • They made their money illegally.
  • They have less than $7.5 million in the bank.

Which form of legalized gambling is least likely to make you wealthy?

  • state-run lottery
  • casino gambling
  • horse racing

What do you think is the top business to be in if you want to become a billionaire?

  • real estate
  • manufacturing
  • energy

What does Warren Buffett say is the best way to make oodles of cash?

  • bilk your partners
  • reinvest your profits
  • be a tough negotiator

Which of the following paths is the best one for becoming a millionaire?

  • start your own business
  • start a Ponzi scheme
  • inherit your wealth

What do some experts say is one component of amassing wealth?

  • invest other people’s money
  • live below your means
  • wait for that rich aunt to die

Which of the following small businesses could be a good investment?

  • freestanding surgical and emergency centers
  • tax preparation services
  • orthodontic offices

Which of the following countries had the most billionaires in 2013?

  • United States
  • China
  • Russia

OK, but which region boasted the most billionaires in the construction and engineering business?

  • United States
  • Europe
  • Middle East and Africa

Which investment do you think makes more sense in the 2013 economic climate?

  • investing in gold
  • investing in silver
  • investing in oil

What’s the best definition for a “speculator?”

  • a person who assumes an unusual business risk in the hopes of making a huge profit
  • a person who buys more bonds than stocks
  • a person who lets others take a huge financial risk in the hope of making a big profit

What can happen if you buy a company’s stock on margin?

  • You will not lose your investment if that company goes bankrupt.
  • You can lose your initial investment plus much more.
  • You can be held liable for that company’s bad business practices.

Which type of bond is considered to be the safest?

  • municipal
  • corporate
  • U.S. Treasury

Which of the following statements is true?

  • If interest rates go down, then bond prices rise.
  • If interest rates go down, then bond prices also go down.
  • If interest rates go down, then bond prices stay the same.

What type of company would issue a “junk bond?”

  • a Fortune 500 company
  • a company with a good credit rating
  • a company with a poor credit rating