Wild World: Biological and Chemical Warfare Quiz
by Staff
When did countries start using lethal chemical concoctions and hazardous viruses, bacteria and toxins as weapons? Where do they come from? You're about to enter the world of biological and chemical warfare.

When were chemical weapons first used?

  • World War I
  • World War II
  • the Korean War

What was the first chemical weapon used effectively in battle?

  • mustard gas
  • chlorine gas
  • sarin gas

What chemical agent did the group Aum Shinrikyo release into the Tokyo subway system in 1995?

  • sarin gas
  • mustard gas
  • VX

Which potential biological weapon has been eradicated from the natural world?

  • Ebola virus
  • smallpox
  • anthrax

What kind of biological agent is anthrax?

  • virus
  • bacteria
  • protein toxin

Which of these potential biological weapons could be ideal for targeting the food supply?

  • Ebola
  • chicken pox
  • foot-and-mouth disease

Which chemical agent can be made from a common kitchen condiment?

  • mustard gas
  • chlorine gas
  • sarin gas

What kind of warfare are you engaged in when you use insecticide against lawn pests?

  • chemical warfare
  • biological warfare
  • chemical and biological warfare

What delivery system did the Europeans use to wage biological warfare in the 18th century?

  • exploding gas canisters
  • human and animal manure containing bacteria
  • blankets infected with smallpox

Which chemical weapon plays a central role in the 1996 film "The Rock"?

  • VX
  • sarin gas
  • Lewisite