The Ultimate Bioluminescence Quiz
by Staff
Have you ever wondered how some animals are able to glow? Light is generally associated with the sun or with electricity, yet these creatures use neither of these to produce light. See how bright you are about bioluminescence by taking this quiz.

What is bioluminescence?

  • Animals that can only survive in natural light.
  • Animals that make their own light.
  • The study of animals that glow.

What is the process of incandescence?

  • Light produced by heat.
  • Light produced by a chemical reaction
  • Light produced by friction.

How do animals create light?

  • through incandescence
  • through luminescence
  • through triboluminescence

Why is luminescence known as cold light?

  • because it generates heat
  • because it doesn't require heat
  • because it is used in cold places

Why is it difficult for scientists to study bioluminescence in creatures?

  • because animals stop glowing when captured
  • because animals only glow in the sea
  • because bioluminescent animals are hard to find

When is light produced?

  • when an electron moves up an atomic orbit
  • when an electron moves down an atomic orbit
  • when two electrons collide

Where do most bioluminescent creatures exist?

  • in the ocean
  • on land
  • in the sky

How many zones of the ocean are there, according to amounts of light that reach it?

  • two
  • three
  • four

In which ocean zone are most bioluminescent sea creatures found?

  • euphotic
  • disphotic
  • aphotic

Why is the sea a blue-green color?

  • because blue and green have longer wavelengths
  • because the ocean absorbs these colors
  • because the ocean does not absorb these colors

What color light do most bioluminescent animals produce?

  • red
  • white
  • green-blue

What is the milky sea phenomenon?

  • when bioluminescent animals produce milky waste from their light
  • when bioluminescent animals glow simultaneously creating a glow in the sea
  • when bioluminescent creatures come to the surface of the ocean during a storm

Why do animals use bioluminescence?

  • to communicate
  • as self-defense
  • both of the above

How do animals use their light as camouflage?

  • They blend in with the light above.
  • They blend in with the ocean floor.
  • They blend in with other creatures.

What triggers the reaction that creates light in an animal?

  • a digestive trigger
  • a neurological trigger
  • a lymph trigger

The terms luciferin and luciferase come from the Latin word lucifer. What does lucifer mean?

  • the devil
  • glowing creature
  • light-bringer

Some creatures produce light using light-producing bacteria. On which part of the animal do these bacteria live?

  • in a light organ
  • in the eyes
  • on the tail

How do animals turn on and off the light from the bacteria?

  • They release the bacteria from the light organ.
  • They cover the bacteria.
  • They poison the bacteria.

What happens to an organism's light when it uses a fluorescent substance?

  • Its light becomes brighter.
  • Its light dims.
  • Its light changes color.

Scientist have been using bioluminescent creatures to research which diseases?

  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • multiple sclerosis