The Ultimate Bird Photography Quiz
by Staff
You need more than birds for bird photography. Capturing these flying creatures with a camera requires special equipment. Learn more about what you need to know about bird photography by taking this quiz.

Why is bird photography a challenge?

  • birds are prey
  • birds use survival strategies
  • both answers

What is a bird survival strategy?

  • camouflaged appearance
  • easy to reach nests
  • slow accent to flight

What photographing position is less likely to startle your bird subject?

  • low to the ground
  • standing on the ground
  • high in the trees

Where is a good location to photograph birds?

  • deserted island
  • popular beach
  • uninhabited mountaintop

Where is a good place to learn about birds?

  • Audubon Society outing
  • Disney World
  • local shopping mall

What is the favorite camera choice among professional bird photographers?

  • Cannon
  • Nikon
  • both answers

What is the best type of camera for bird shots?

  • digital single lens reflex camera
  • single lens reflex camera
  • point-and-shoot camera

How is a single lens reflex camera a compatible and adaptable choice?

  • more control over settings
  • wide variety of lens
  • both answers

What camera is a good choice for a photographer with little experience or knowledge?

  • point-and-shoot cameras
  • single lens reflex camera
  • digital single lens reflex camera

Why does bird photography require manual camera controls for high quality pictures?

  • fast moving subjects
  • poor lighting
  • both answers

What is important for filming fast-moving subjects?

  • good lighting
  • frames per second
  • wide-angled lens

What does the lens size number indicate, such as 35 mm?

  • focal length
  • film roll size
  • film speed

What lens has the narrower scope?

  • 35 mm
  • 70 mm
  • 400 mm

What are lenses less than 35 mm used for?

  • capture faraway subjects
  • capture wider scenes
  • general photography

Why may an image be too dark?

  • too little light
  • just enough light
  • too much light

What is aperture?

  • speed of the shutter
  • size of camera lens opening
  • film speed

If your hands are shaky, what item should you purchase for professional-looking bird photographs?

  • slow film
  • telephoto lens
  • tripod

What is catchlight?

  • reflection of light in a bird's eyes
  • aperture setting
  • slow film brand

What will attract birds to your backyard?

  • birdfeeders filled with seed
  • birdbaths filled with water
  • both answers

Which is a top 10 birding hotspot?

  • Cape May, New Jersey
  • Orlando, Florida
  • San Francisco, California