Bizarre Foods Quiz
by Staff
Plenty of people stick to plain old meat and potatoes, but many prefer to throw caution to the wind and eat on the wild side. Those of you who enjoy trying wacky new dishes or who simply want to gawk at the outrageous delicacies others enjoy should take this quiz to expand your culinary horizons in ways you never thought possible!

Chicken feet are known for adding what qualities to soup stock?

  • light, thin texture
  • flavor, body, calcium and other minerals
  • feathers, gooseflesh and little birdie toenails

What (gulp) ingredient is necessary to make the Sardinian delicacy casu marzu?

  • sardines
  • fish eggs
  • maggots

What parts of tuna are rumored to be as enjoyable as squid?

  • the eyes
  • the fins
  • the guts

Preparing this Southern soul food delicacy starts with a thorough hand scrubbing to remove fecal matter.

  • fried chicken
  • hominy
  • chitlins

In Iceland, what liquid substance is used as a marinade for shark fin soup?

  • beer
  • lactic acid
  • blood

True or false: Mexican corn infected by the black fungus huitlacoche should never be consumed, no matter how delicious it is.

  • True. The fungus can cause major illness and even organ failure.
  • False. Huitlacoche changes corn's composition to include beneficial and hard-to-find minerals and vitamins.
  • Neither true nor false. No one knows for sure if it's bad for you or not.

What southeast Asian fruit is sweet to taste but sports a foul order that turns the stomachs of many would-be testers?

  • durian
  • langka
  • calamansi

What side effect might result from consuming codfish sperm, a popular Asian delicacy?

  • improved eyesight
  • increased memory function
  • enhanced sexual stamina

What can you expect to find inside a balut egg?

  • the usual -- a yolk and an egg white
  • a slightly developed duck embryo
  • a poisonous snake

What is a "prairie oyster," exactly?

  • oysters that are harvested in laboratories
  • bull testicles
  • baby squid