The Ultimate Bleach Quiz
by Staff
You probably have a bottle of bleach at home, which you use for cleaning the bathroom or whitening clothes. Bleach has many uses due to its unique properties. Take this quiz to see how much you know about how bleach works.

What class of chemicals are bleaches categorized in?

  • oxidative agents
  • pyrophoric agents
  • flammable agents

In what year was bleach first manufactured?

  • 1908
  • 1913
  • 1925

What is the active ingredient in chlorine bleach?

  • sodium hypochlorite
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • sodium percarbonate

Which ingredient are you likely to find in color-safe bleaches?

  • sodium perboate
  • carbon dioxide
  • hydrogen peroxide

Which wavelengths of light are visible to the human eye as color?

  • 200 to 500 nanometers
  • 400 to 700 nanometers
  • 600 to 900 nanometers

Which colors of a substance reach the retina?

  • colors absorbed by the substance
  • colors not absorbed by the substance
  • colors that hit angled surfaces of the substance

How does bleach remove stains on white clothing?

  • It breaks down the atomic bonds within a substance.
  • It helps electrons to absorb light.
  • It suffocates the stain material.

When was bleach first used as a disinfectant?

  • 1847
  • 1890
  • 1913

In which substance, used every day, would you find sodium hypochlorite?

  • break
  • water
  • milk

Why is bleach such a valuable disinfectant?

  • It easy and cheap to manufacture.
  • It is good for the environment.
  • Germs cannot develop immunity to it.

How does bleach kill germs?

  • It oxidizes molecules in the germ's cells.
  • It deprives germs of oxygen.
  • It starves the germs.

Which precautions must you take when using bleach?

  • Do not use bleach on kitchen countertops.
  • Do not mix bleach with any other household product.
  • Do not use bleach in open areas.

Mixing bleach with what substance produces chlorine gas?

  • vinegar
  • citric acid
  • baking soda

What can chlorine fumes cause?

  • skin burns
  • coughing
  • hair loss

What should you do if a child ingests bleach?

  • Induce vomiting.
  • Wait for a reaction.
  • Call the Poison Control Center.

How much bleach should you add to a load of laundry?

  • 1 tablespoon
  • 3/4 cups
  • 1.5 cups

How can you tell if a garment is bleachable?

  • Do a test on a hidden part of the fabric.
  • Test one garment of a certain fabric and see what happens.
  • Colored garments cannot be bleached.

What did the European Commission determine about long-term exposure to bleach?

  • It is safe in large amounts.
  • It is safe in small amounts.
  • It is unsafe in small amounts.

Sodium hypochlorite is broken down by _____ when released into the air.

  • moisture
  • oxygen
  • sunlight

Which health issue has bleach found to improve?

  • acne
  • asthma
  • eczema