The Ultimate Bluegill Fishing Quiz
by Staff
Bluegill fishing can be one of the most satisfying things for a beginning angler, because they're so easy to catch. Let yourself off the hook looking for more difficult fish and go catch some bluegill. But before you do, take this quiz on bluegill fishing tips.

Why do many people start fishing on bluegill?

  • because bluegill bite on nearly everything and are found in abundance
  • because bluegill is a very tasty fish
  • neither of the above

Which of these are part of the bluegill family: sunfish, bream, perch or plumb granny?

  • only sunfish and perch
  • only bream and plumb granny
  • all of them are bluegill

The bluegill gets its name from the vivid blue color of its gill covers. What are the gill covers called?

  • largemouth
  • opercles
  • bobbers

What factors affect the bluegill's color?

  • the region it's located in and the breed
  • the food it feeds on and the weather conditions
  • the age and sex of the fish and the color of the water

Nowadays one can find bluegill across the United States. But originally they were found only:

  • in Canada
  • in the Great Lakes, Mississippi and Eastern Seaboard drainage systems
  • off the coasts of Florida and Hawaii

What sort of water do bluegill prefer?

  • deep and far from the shore
  • muddy and choppy
  • clear and quiet

What time/s of the day are bluegill most active?

  • dawn and dusk
  • midday
  • late at night

During the spawn, which bluegill protect the nests?

  • both sexes
  • the females
  • the males

What is the regular diet of adult bluegill?

  • slow-moving aquatic insects
  • plankton
  • algae and seaweed

When using live bait, why should you only use enough worm to cover the hook but no more?

  • because it will go to waste if there's too much
  • because of the fish's tiny mouth
  • because the fish don't really like live bait

Should you use long or short shanks on the hook?

  • short shanks
  • long shanks
  • it makes no difference

During what month is the peak spawning period?

  • May
  • October
  • June

Male bluegill build the nests. When do they allow the females to enter?

  • only when they're ready to lay eggs
  • when the temperature reaches a certain degree
  • when they have cleared the area for predators

When fishing for bluegill, your rod should be made to cast:

  • single or double lines
  • two- to four-weight lines
  • four- to six-weight lines

What should the fly look like?

  • a worm
  • an insect
  • a tuft of seaweed

Can one do ice fishing for bluegill and catch anything?

  • Yes, but only after the ice thickens a little.
  • No, it's the wrong conditions.
  • Yes, but only just after the ice forms on the water's surface.

When do bluegill feed less?

  • in the winter
  • in the summer
  • in the fall

Why should you allow the fish to air dry before you begin cleaning them?

  • because this makes their flesh supple
  • because fresh fish are slippery
  • because they are tastier afterwards

How should you angle the knife so that you won't waste any of the fillet?

  • toward the head
  • away from the head
  • across the middle

What can you do with the fish heads after you've eaten?

  • bury them deep in the soil to serve as fertilizer
  • toss them onto the compost heap
  • throw them into the trash can