Bonsai Quiz
by Staff
Have you ever looked at a bonsai tree and thought "What's the big deal?" Turns out, there's a lot that goes into this ancient art form. Nearly any plant, including trees and shrubs, can be used for bonsai. But how do you create and maintain these miniature plants? Test your knowledge and see how much you really know about this unique practice.

Bonsai is an ancient art that renders nature in miniature form. What is the purpose of bonsai?

  • to create aesthetic landscaping
  • to discover and honor nature
  • to achieve form over function

What does the word "bonsai" mean?

  • "plant in a tray"
  • "small tree"
  • "miniature countryside"

How can bonsai recreate the essence of natural settings like fields or forests?

  • by being carefully shaped and pruned over time
  • by being nurtured with organic fertilizer from the natural setting that it imitates
  • by being grown from hybrid seedlings

What essence does the art form of bonsai capture?

  • character of the plant within the restrictions of its container
  • true spirit of the natural scene inspiring the plant's shape
  • answers to prayer in an organic lifeform

What are some ways in which bonsai is manipulated?

  • exposure to heating lamps
  • frequent repotting
  • wire shaping and severe root trimming

Bonsai tends to appeal to what type of people?

  • plant lovers
  • dedicated artists
  • both answers are correct

Bonsai is a satisfying and appropriate hobby for whom?

  • seasoned bonsai enthusiasts
  • gardening novices
  • both answers are correct

Where did bonsai originate?

  • Japan
  • China
  • Nepal

When did the Japanese introduce this unique art form to the Western world?

  • mid-14th century
  • early 16th century
  • late 19th century

When styling a bonsai tree, what is the most important goal?

  • to create something that looks complex and difficult
  • to shape it according to popular standards of beauty
  • to achieve a natural scale, symmetry and proportion