The Ultimate Boston Quiz
by Staff
Boston is a bustling New England city that proudly displays its rich history along with being home to some of the world’s best universities and cultural attractions. A visitor to Boston will not find a lack of things to do including shopping, dining out, excellent entertainment and a healthy environment to relax in. Take our quiz to learn more about the city of Boston.

What significant historic event began in Boston?

  • American Revolution
  • Boston Tea Party
  • War of 1812

About how many colleges and universities are there in the Boston metropolitan area?

  • about 75
  • just under 100
  • more than 100

What was unique about the geographic layout of the city of Boston?

  • Boston is a charming island surrounded by three rivers and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Boston is an isthmus, bordered by three rivers and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Boston is a peninsula in the middle of three rivers and the Atlantic Ocean connected to America by an isthmus.

What is the area of Boston?

  • 39
  • 48
  • 67

Which river bordering Boston separates the city from the city of Cambridge?

  • Mystic River
  • Neponset River
  • Charles River

What part of Boston will a typical visitor pass through many times on a tour of this historic city?

  • Freedom Trail
  • Boston Common
  • Chinatown

How many students attend Boston’s colleges when they are in session?

  • over 200,000
  • about 225,000
  • over 240,000

What is the population of the Greater Boston metropolitan area?

  • 2.8 million
  • 3.6 million
  • 4.5 million

Boston is considered a safe city, but what areas should you avoid late at night?

  • Boston Common, the Public Garden and Chinatown
  • Downtown Crossing, the North End and Waterfront Area
  • both above lists of areas

What should you know about the weather in Boston when you plan to travel there?

  • New England weather tends to be moderate with comfortable low and high temperature extremes.
  • New England weather is extremely changeable, even on a daily basis with four distinct seasons.
  • New England weather tends to be very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter with a short spring and fall.

What is the best way to access every option of public transport, excluding taxis, when you arrive in Boston by air?

  • Massport Shuttle bus
  • Logan Airport Loop Train
  • MTBA Light Rail

What is your best option for a fast trip to Boston proper that gets you close to the financial district hotels?

  • MBTA Harbor Express
  • City Water Taxi
  • both of the above

What is notable about guest parking fees at hotels in Boston?

  • All parking is in heated indoor spaces, which is very convenient in bad weather.
  • Hotel parking is very expensive at anywhere from $30 to $50 per night for registered guests.
  • Most hotels in Boston do not offer parking facilities and guests must resort to off-site parking garages.

What is the project called that replaced the old elevated I-93 artery slicing through Boston with a modern underground highway?

  • The Big Dig
  • The Central Artery/Tunnel Project
  • both of the above

Once the old highway I-93 was gone and cars traveled underground, how much park-like land was returned to the city?

  • 250 acres
  • 300 acres
  • 350 acres

What is one of many nicknames given to Boston that reveals a lot about its character?

  • The Green City
  • The Windy City
  • The Walking City

What is the best method of transportation in downtown Boston once the bars close down between one and two a.m.?

  • taxi
  • light rail
  • bus

How many aquatic creatures can be seen at the very popular New England Aquarium?

  • more than 8,000
  • almost 7,000
  • just over 5,500

What is the name of the oldest commissioned warship in the world still sailing in the Boston harbor?

  • USS Boston
  • USS Constitution
  • USS George Washington

Where should you go to touch the toe of a certain statue that is considered an omen for good luck?

  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Boston Common
  • Harvard Yard