The Ultimate Bow Hunting Quiz
by Staff
Bow hunting is a popular form of recreation in the United States and around the world. The bow has been employed for hunting, fishing, and war since early civilizations first developed the bow and arrow. For those who do not care to hunt, archery can be a great family sport or a professional pursuit with cash prizes. Take our quiz to learn more about bow hunting.

How is bow hunting different from hunting with a rifle or shotgun?

  • A bow hunter has to get much closer to an animal to make the kill.
  • Modern bow design has made bow hunting no different from using a gun.
  • The only difference is that bow hunting always has a separate unique season and rules.

How far from their target can most rifle hunters be and still effectively make a clean kill?

  • 400 yards
  • 600 yards
  • 800 yards

What is the maximum distance that a bow hunter can be from the target?

  • about 31 yards
  • about 42 yards
  • about 53 yards

What are some other variables that bow hunters must consider before taking their best shot?

  • bow strength, arrow type, and arrow tip
  • terrain, weather, and the size of a target animal
  • both of the above

What else do bow hunters have do to get close enough to an animal to be successful?

  • foil an animal’s sense of smell
  • crawl or slither quietly
  • shoot accurately while running after an animal

What county brags that its citizen had to shoot an apple from his own son's head to escape punishment?

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Switzerland

In what year did the William Tell sharpshooting event allegedly take place?

  • in 1288
  • in 1307
  • in 1492

What is the recognized era of construction for the oldest known arrows?

  • Late Stone Age
  • Early Bronze Age
  • Early Helladic Age

Where were the oldest known arrows found?

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Greece

In what country did researchers uncover the body of a person with quivers containing 14 wooden arrows and flint arrowheads?

  • Italy
  • Iraq
  • Egypt

What did archeologists find in Egypt that confirmed early bow hunting?

  • a bow, arrows, and an animal skull with an arrow through it in a pharos tomb
  • drawings depicting bows being used for hunting and war
  • a bronze statue of a bow hunter

Who were the first peoples to make composite bows?

  • ancient Greeks
  • ancient Italians
  • ancient Egyptians

What country claims to have manufactured the first crossbow?

  • China
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland

What famous warrior was fist credited with using composite bows for himself and his warriors?

  • Genghis Khan
  • Alexander the Great
  • Attila the Hun

What year was the National Archery Association (NAA) founded?

  • 1860
  • 1879
  • 1897

In what year was archery introduced as an Olympic sport?

  • 1900
  • 1920
  • 1935

Who co-published a book that many feel made modern bow hunting popular in the United States?

  • Dr. Ben Pearson
  • Dr. Earl Holt
  • Dr. Saxon Pope

How did the authors learn about bow hunting skills?

  • from a Yana tribesman named Ishi
  • from an Apache tribal chief
  • interviews with native peoples familiar with bow hunting

What is nocking?

  • rocking the feet back and forth to obtain stable footing
  • pulling the arrow and string into firing position
  • positioning the arrow in the bow

How many basic methods of bow hunting are there?

  • three
  • four
  • five