The Ultimate BrainStuff Fan Quiz
by Staff
Brainstuff has a question for all you avid listeners: who's the ultimate BrainStuff podcast fan? Find out in this quiz from the BrainStuff podcast.

BrainStuff is hosted by ____________.

  • Marshall Brain
  • Scott Benjamin
  • Dr. Oz
  • Chuck Bryant

Who designed the QWERTY keyboard?

  • Thomas Edison
  • Arnold Arnot
  • Christopher Sholes
  • Benjamin Franklin

What is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

  • Russia's emergency stockpile of oil
  • A group of Middle Eastern oil supply companies
  • A specialized branch of the military that secures oil for U.S. businesses
  • The United States' emergency stockpile of oil

The moon looks bigger near the horizon due to an effect called ___________.

  • trick question: there is no conclusive answer.
  • near-edge haze
  • shape constancy
  • residual accretion

The unpleasant odor of stinky feet is caused by _______.

  • bacteria and the amount of sweat a person produces
  • a lack of protein in the skin
  • a lack of salt in a person's sweat
  • no one knows

The substance ____ is often added to table salt.

  • sulphur
  • fluoride
  • iodine
  • MSG

What causes high tides and low tides?

  • the gravitational pull of Mercury and the sun
  • Earth's routine tectonic activity
  • no one knows for sure
  • the gravitational pull of the moon

The Northern Lights are caused by ________.

  • humidity
  • magnetic interference from an ancient meteor
  • highly-charged electrons in solar wind
  • no one knows for sure

Potato chips were invented by _________.

  • Cornelius Vanderbilt, in 1853
  • Thomas Edison, in 1902
  • George Crum, in 1853
  • Thomas Jefferson, sometime in the 18th century

Collagen makes up almost _______ of all the protein in the human body.

  • half
  • one-third
  • five percent
  • two percent

The best place to sit in a movie theater is _______.

  • in a seat a few spots from the center, in a row two-thirds of the distance between the screen and the back wall
  • in a row one-third of the way from the screen, toward the left
  • in a row one-third of the way from the screen, toward the right
  • in the middle row, in the exact center of the theater

What is a vactrain?

  • a solar-powered train
  • a magnetically-levitated train that moves through a vacuum-sealed tube
  • a vacuum-sealed mechanism used in lunar rovers
  • a system used to store tools and equipment in space shuttles