Travel the World: Brazil
by Staff
Yes, "Brazil" is the name of a 1980s science-fiction movie from director Terry Gilliam. But it's also a country in South America, and that's what this quiz aims to address. So let's get on with it!

South Atlantic?

  • the ocean that borders only northern Brazil
  • the ocean that borders all of Brazil
  • the ocean that borders only southern Brazil

Federative Republic of Brazil?

  • a Brazilian political party of great influence
  • the former name of Brazil, before the peasant uprising of 1836
  • the official name of Brazil

Sao Paulo?

  • largest city in Brazil
  • smallest city in Brazil
  • the patron saint of Brazil


  • the most popular variety of coffee bean consumed by Brazilians
  • the "Venice of Brazil"
  • the name for the most popular coffee bean export in Brazil

Pico da Neblina?

  • the highest point in Brazil
  • a popular Brazilian hot sauce
  • what Brazilians call coffee plant seeds


  • the native tongue spoken in Brazil
  • an online shopping outlet
  • Brazil's main river system

Porto Alegre?

  • one of 12 host cities for the 2014 World Cup
  • the oldest city in Brazil
  • a popular Brazilian wine


  • the original name of Brazil
  • what most locals call Brazil
  • the name of Brazil's capital city

Ecuador and Chile?

  • both countries border Brazil to the South
  • once a part of Brazil, before World War II
  • neither country shares a border with Brazil

Rio De Janeiro?

  • is famous for its stuffy atmosphere and conservative dress
  • has more sand crabs than people
  • home to the famous "Christ the Redeemer" statue