Breakfast Quiz
by Staff
Eating a morning meal helps keep us healthy, both mentally and physically. But other than the fact that you're supposed to eat breakfast, what else do you know about it? Take this quiz to test your eggspertise. (Oh, come on -- we simply couldn't pass up that pun!)

How many American adults eat a daily breakfast?

  • about 23 percent
  • about 54 percent
  • about 62 percent
  • nearly 100 percent

What percentage of teens regularly skips breakfast?

  • about 5 percent
  • between 25 and 45 percent
  • between 50 and 75 percent
  • nearly 90 percent

Which of the following popular fast-food breakfast options has the fewest calories?

  • one Egg McMuffin
  • IHOP's Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity
  • one Carl's Jr. loaded breakfast burrito
  • Denny's: Moons Over My Hammy

What is the most popular breakfast food among American adults?

  • French toast
  • bagel and cream cheese
  • eggs and toast
  • cold cereal

Fact or fiction: Eating breakfast helps you lose weight.

  • fact
  • fiction

What percent of American adults have eaten cold pizza for breakfast?

  • 15 percent
  • 39 percent
  • 55 percent
  • 73 percent

Fact or fiction: All oatmeal is nutritionally the same.

  • fact
  • fiction

Which of the following is not a common breakfast food in Japan?

  • natto
  • miso soup
  • kimchi
  • yogurt

Who is typically credited with introducing the doughnut to the world?

  • Americans
  • the Dutch
  • the French
  • Italians

When did the School Breakfast Program become a permanent program in schools across America?

  • 1931
  • 1966
  • 1975
  • 1982