The Ultimate Breathe Life into Your Kitchen Quiz
by Staff
You might want to breathe some life into your workday kitchen, but not know how. Take this quiz to discover how to breathe life into your kitchen.

What is the first step you should take before you redecorate your kitchen?

  • choose a motif
  • hire a consultant
  • tear down the original kitchen

Which of these best describes an Italian Countryside motif?

  • modern
  • rustic
  • avant-garde

Which colors would you associate with the Italian Countryside look?

  • red and orange
  • blue and white
  • black and gold

What kinds of materials would go best with an Italian Countryside theme?

  • solid gold and pure silver
  • copper and brass
  • Formica

Which of these decorations should you use to put the finishing touch on your Italian kitchen theme.

  • woven baskets
  • collectable plates
  • framed posters

If you're going to go retro, what colors should you use?

  • candy colors
  • red and orange
  • shades of grey

You should look for retro style kitchen furniture in which materials?

  • antique woods
  • solid gold
  • chrome and vinyl

What might you use to decorate the walls of a retro-style kitchen?

  • movie posters
  • woven baskets
  • copper pots

Retro style canisters were made of which of these materials?

  • gold
  • enamel
  • aluminum

Which of these kitchen themes is also very popular?

  • fruit
  • sci-fi
  • all black

If you're going with a fruit theme you might use which of these for storage?

  • cardboard boxes
  • glass jars
  • paper bags

How should you display your cooking oils to add beauty to your kitchen?

  • tin cans
  • paper bags
  • glass bottles

Which of these should you use to store pasta?

  • plastic containers
  • sandwich bags
  • aluminum foil

How might you decorate your windowsill?

  • with an herb garden
  • with a movie poster
  • with an apple pie

What are the functions of a multi-purpose chair?

  • chair and kitchen table
  • chair and step ladder
  • chair and sofa combo

How might you decorate an old and worn out fridge?

  • with wall paper
  • with magnets
  • with school projects

How should you display your plate collections?

  • on the wall
  • in a drawer
  • on your kitchen table

How might you repaint your cabinets to add some life to your kitchen?

  • all white
  • solid colors
  • stripes and polka dots

Where should you go to purchase pegboard?

  • an antiques shop
  • a home improvement store
  • a grocery store

Which of these can you use to inexpensively update your kitchen table and chairs?

  • stencils and paint
  • gold leaf
  • semi-precious stones