Everyday Science: Bridge Quiz
by Staff
Chances are, if you've done even the slightest bit of traveling, you've crossed your fair share of bridges. These feats of engineering can span anything from a trickling stream to a raging river. Can you cross the bridge quiz without falling?

The distance between two bridge supports is called the:

  • arch
  • span
  • fathom

Which of the following is not one of the two major forces bridges deal with?

  • momentum
  • compression
  • tension

What determines the distance a beam bridge can span?

  • the material of the beam
  • the size of the beam
  • the density of the beam

What can be added to make beams taller?

  • concrete
  • trusses
  • suspensions

What gives an arch bridge its strength?

  • its shape
  • its size
  • its material

Which part of a suspension bridge receives the most compression?

  • the cables
  • the deck
  • the towers

Tension acts primarily on which part of a suspension bridge?

  • the anchorages
  • the cables
  • the towers

What purpose do bridge dampeners serve?

  • to reduce noise
  • to mitigate vibrations
  • to counteract tension

What force is responsible for most bridge failures?

  • torsion
  • compression
  • weather

The rotational or twisting force that bridges face is called:

  • torsion
  • resonance
  • fusion