The Ultimate Should You Bring Your Nanny on Vacation Quiz
by Staff
Going on a family vacation with young kids can be absolutely exhausting. For many families, the notion of bringing a nanny along can seem very appealing. Is it a good idea, though?

Which of these benefits might justify bringing a nanny along on vacation?

  • greater flexibility
  • lower costs
  • increased space

With which of these developmental phases can a nanny really help a young child on vacation?

  • reading
  • eating solid foods
  • potty training

Which of these statements best describes a shared vacation?

  • A shared vacation is when your family vacation and the nanny's vacation coincide.
  • A shared vacation is when you and another family go on vacation together.
  • A shared vacation is a vacation given to you by a friend.

Approximately how many childcare workers are currently employed in the U.S.?

  • 13000
  • 130000
  • 1.3 million

What percentage of U.S. childcare providers are self-employed?

  • 20 percent
  • 30 percent
  • 40 percent

Where do most self-employed nannies care for kids?

  • in their own home
  • in the child's home
  • at a daycare facility

Which of these is a disadvantage of bringing a nanny on vacation with you?

  • privacy
  • space
  • cost

Why do children with special needs greatly benefit from having a nanny while on vacation?

  • Special needs children need a well-trained and familiar caregiver.
  • Children with special needs prefer spending time with their nanny.
  • A child with special needs is likely to behave better with a nanny around.

Before the vacation you and the nanny should do which of these?

  • You should discuss the nanny's responsibilities and compensation in detail.
  • You should pick the best hotel together.
  • You should decide which parks and museums the family will visit.

One way to save on childcare costs during a vacation is to do which of these?

  • Take care of your own child.
  • Skip the vacation entirely.
  • Hire a local nanny for the duration of the vacation.

One of the advantages of hiring a local nanny is which of these?

  • You will save money, because you will not be paying for the nanny's travel.
  • You will meet someone who might be a better nanny than your own.
  • Your child will get to meet a nice, new nanny.

Which of these things should you require of any nanny you hire?

  • a childcare license
  • a work visa
  • a friendly smile

It is critical, when brining a nanny on vacation, that you keep in mind which of these facts?

  • The nanny is not on vacation.
  • The nanny might want to try a different restaurant.
  • The nanny might get bored.

If you are going to bring your regular nanny along, you might consider which of these money-saving tips?

  • Rent a vacation house.
  • Don't pay the nanny.
  • Find the cheapest hotel possible.

Which of these methods best ensures that you and your nanny will both understand the vacation and work arrangements?

  • a verbal agreement
  • a written contract
  • a unspoken understanding