The British Armed Forces Quiz
by Staff
Test your (knowledge of) British military might by taking our British Armed Forces Quiz. Learn how the armed forces work in Merry Old England. Or, you know, Regular Modern Great Britain.

What branches make up the British Armed Forces (BAF)?

  • Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Army and Royal Air Force
  • Royal Navy and Royal Air Force
  • Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Royal Army

Her Majesty's Coast Guard operates under what branch?

  • Air Force
  • none
  • Navy

Who is the Commander-In-Chief of the BAF?

  • the Prime Minister
  • the monarch
  • the Parliament

Who is the head of the Armed Forces?

  • the Prime Minister
  • the Defense Secretary
  • the monarch

What power does the monarch hold as commander and head of the BAF?

  • The monarch can declare war.
  • The monarch controls how the BAF is used.
  • both

So who is in charge of the BAF in a more practical sense?

  • the Parliament
  • the Secretary of the Defence
  • the Prime Minister

Although the Prime Minister is charged with managing military decisions, the PM would act in accordance with:

  • the House of Lords
  • the Cabinet
  • the Prince or Princess of Wales

The United Kingdom:

  • has nuclear weapons.
  • does NOT have nuclear weapons.
  • is borrowing nuclear weapons.

What roles are women NOT allowed to have in the BAF?

  • All roles are open to women.
  • all combat duty
  • some front-line combat roles

What is another unusual Armed Forces job only available to men?

  • the Royal Swim Instructors
  • the Queen's Gardeners
  • the Household Calvary

What is the real name of a position within the Royal Navy?

  • Sea Lord
  • Ocean Matey
  • Water Captain

Who is the professional head of the British Army?

  • Army Sergeant Major
  • Chief of the General Staff
  • Chief of the Armed Guard

When did a standing British Army form?

  • the 18th century
  • the 14th century
  • the 17th century

Does Britain have a draft (or conscription) policy?

  • yes
  • no
  • only for men

There are how many full-time members of the BAF?

  • 145,690
  • 1.3 million
  • 89,450

How many of those are Royal Army personnel?

  • about 83,000
  • about 25,000
  • about 100,000

How many are in the Royal Navy and Marines?

  • about 30,200
  • about 10,000
  • about 60,000

The Royal Air Force has how many personnel?

  • 12,017
  • 45,604
  • 32,106

Who is a member of the Royal Air Force?

  • Charles, Prince of Wales
  • Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
  • Prince Harry

Prince Harry served with what British Armed Forces branch?

  • Royal Navy
  • British Army
  • Royal Marines

Prince Charles also had a career in what armed service?

  • the Royal Navy
  • the British Army
  • the Royal Air Force

What is NOT a part of the Royal Navy?

  • Surface Fleet
  • Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  • Underwater Corps

The British Army defends what British interests?

  • England, Wales, India and Canada
  • England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland
  • England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

What is the name of the RAF's headquarters of Air Command?

  • RAF Halton
  • RAF High Wycombe
  • RAF Cosford

The RAF uses what aircraft?

  • Typhoon FGR4
  • Boeing 757
  • seaplanes

Does the British Army have a reserve army?

  • no
  • yes
  • only for former Regular Army personnel

What new equipment is currently in the design or building phase for the British Navy?

  • submarines and seaplanes
  • frigate and aircraft carriers
  • aircraft carriers and seapods

What is NOT a corps of the British Army?

  • Royal Army Choral Corps
  • Royal Army Dental Corps
  • Corps of Army Music

The British Army Gurkha Brigade is a holdover from?

  • Britain's medieval times
  • Britain's rule of Hong Kong
  • Britain's war with Nepal

What does the Royal Marine's Special Boat Service do?

  • extremely critical and daring small-team missions
  • repair the boats of the Marine fleet
  • take tourists out on pleasure rides