Quiz: Bedroom Decorating on the Cheap
by Staff
We spend a good part of our lives in the bedroom, so why not make that space somewhere you really want to be? Think you're a savvy, budget bedroom decorator? Test your knowledge with our quiz!

If you're planning to revamp your old bedroom curtains by dyeing them a new color, which of these can you use?

  • tumeric
  • blueberries
  • either of the above

What's the best way to paint a room?

  • Hire a painter.
  • Do it yourself.
  • Throw a painting party.

Which of these makes the best cheap drop cloth for painting?

  • a roll of craft paper
  • large towels from the thrift store
  • thin plastic

What sort of tape is best when you're painting?

  • beige masking tape
  • blue masking tape
  • green masking tape

True or false: You need a sewing machine to make a set of curtains.

  • True
  • False

Where can you find the best bargains on bedroom furniture?

  • online
  • at the discount mall
  • at the thrift store

When you're painting a second-hand piece of furniture, what's the most important first step?

  • sanding
  • choosing the paint color
  • removing the hardware

How many piles should you make when cleaning out your closet?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

After you clean out your closet and dresser, how can you make sure it stays uncluttered?

  • Add some storage space to your room.
  • Organize your clothes, so everything has a place.
  • Find a room in the house where you can put “overflow” clothes.

True or false: Custom wall art is too expensive.

  • True
  • False

When making custom art for your bedroom, what's important to keep in mind?

  • matching your color scheme exactly
  • how much wall space you have
  • creating the perfect art piece

What is a wall decal?

  • a giant, removable sticker
  • another name for a stencil
  • something you put on your car

What can you do with faded bedsheets?

  • Nothing; throw them out.
  • Make a dress to wear around the house.
  • Dye them and give them a new lease on life.

If you can't find furniture you like at the thrift store, where else can you hunt for good cheap bedroom furniture?

  • at IKEA
  • in the “as-is” section of department stores
  • at Wal-Mart

What is an accent wall?

  • the wall where all the knickknacks are displayed
  • the wall with the most windows
  • a single wall painted in a different color

What is an “heirloom piece?”

  • an antique
  • furniture you assemble yourself
  • furniture that is built to last

Which of these wall colors is best in a bedroom?

  • red
  • yellow
  • blue

Which of these is a bedroom decorating faux pas?

  • white curtains
  • mixing types of wood
  • mirrored closet doors

How much does an average person sleep each day?

  • 7.4 hours
  • 8.7 hours
  • 9.2 hours

What's a good color for your bedroom curtains?

  • a soothing pale green
  • rich, navy blue
  • vibrant red