Could you find a family adventure on a budget?
by Staff
When you're stressed out about money, how can you possibly plan a relaxing family getaway? It's not as impossible as it may sound. Test your vacation saving savvy -- and pick up a few ideas -- with this budget family vacation quiz.

Which strategy is most likely to appeal to young teens -- and your budget -- on long drives?

  • Teach them a new song or game.
  • Encourage them to notice and talk about the passing scenery.
  • Let them bring a few favorite games, books or magazines from home.

Which is most helpful for finding an inexpensive eatery while staying at a motel?

  • the brochures for guests in your room
  • the reception desk clerk's advice
  • a cruise along the town's main eating strip

Which is the best way to feed kids while on the road?

  • Try to stick to their regular mealtimes and snacktimes.
  • Buy snacks along the road for continuous grazing.
  • Use the fast-food drive-through to save time.

Which statement sounds like an economical driving plan?

  • We'll aim for 400 miles a day but settle for 375.
  • What's the hurry? The Grand Canyon isn't going anywhere.
  • We'll be there by noon, not ifs, ands or bathroom breaks.

Should you rent a car with the idea of letting your 18-year-old drive part of the time?

  • Yes, if it it saves money over taking your own car.
  • It depends. Some states allow teenagers to drive only their own car or their parents’ car.
  • Probably not. Most car rental contracts require drivers to be over 18.

Statistically speaking, what’s the most dangerous way for kids to travel?

  • by car
  • by plane
  • by train

Should you bring your infant's car seat to use on a plane?

  • No, car seats aren't allowed on a plane.
  • Yes, if it's FAA-approved for airplane use.
  • It's your call -- an infant is just as safe on a parent's lap.

Should you use a baby crib provided by a budget hotel?

  • Only if you're willing to pay the added fee.
  • Yes, but inspect it for safety first.
  • No, a budget hotel is apt to provide an unsafe, budget crib.

Which days are usually the cheapest to fly?

  • Wednesday and Thursday
  • Monday and Tuesday
  • Sunday and Monday

What are the “dead weeks” of U.S. airline travel?

  • the last half of March
  • the middle of February
  • the first weeks of December

How do low-cost carriers keep their airfares low?

  • They use older planes.
  • They don’t offer pillows, snacks and other amenities.
  • They offer only overnight flights.

Suppose you’re going to share the burden of driving while using a rental car. To save money, who should be your second driver?

  • your spouse
  • any adult in the car
  • anyone with a driving permit

On average, how many vacation days did the American worker receive in 2010?

  • 28
  • 22
  • 18

How can flying in and out of alternative airports, which are smaller and futher away from attractions than larger airports, save money?

  • Airfare may be lower compared to flights to airline hubs.
  • They have package deals for lower rates at nearby hotels.
  • More flights go to these airports than to larger airports.

How do weekend rates at hotels compare to weekday rates?

  • Saturday and Sunday rates are highest.
  • Late weekday rates are highest.
  • Rates will vary with the hotel's location.

Who's the best person to ask to get lower-than-listed hotel rates?

  • the reservation agent at the chain's nation customer service center
  • the manager of the hotel where you're staying
  • someone at the destination city's convention and visitors bureau

What’s the advantage of enrolling your 6-year old in a frequent flyer program?

  • You can transfer her miles to your account, or vice versa.
  • You get bonus miles for signing up family members.
  • There’s no advantage unless the child actually is a frequent flyer.

What is the "shoulder season"?

  • the weeks leading up to major holidays
  • cycles when frequent flyers rush to use miles before they expire
  • the time just before and after a destination's peak season

Where are you most likely to find free, legal overnight parking for your camper?

  • a church parking lot
  • a highway rest area
  • a city bus parking lot

What’s one advantage of traveling with children by bus compared to flying?

  • Families get free priority boarding, avoiding long waits in line.
  • Bus lines are more likely to offer discounted children’s fares.
  • Some seats are equipped with car seats.