Phone home! Can you make cheaper calls?
by Staff
Just because phones are a lot more sophisticated than they once were doesn't mean you should have to pay an arm and a leg every month just to use them. See if you know how to make the same calls for a lot less money in our phone home quiz.

What percent of American households have no home phone?

  • 26 percent
  • 18 percent
  • 31 percent

Which callers are the easiest for 911 dispatchers to locate?

  • landline callers
  • cell phone callers
  • VoIP callers

What is Link Up America?

  • a federal requirement that all Americans own a personal phone
  • a free telephone service for Americans with disabilities
  • a federal program providing financial assistance for telephone service installation fees

What is the Lifeline assistance program?

  • a federal program providing financial assistance on monthly phone bills for income-eligible Americans
  • an emergency telephone service for elderly Americans
  • an initiative to send cell phones to the Third World

What is the federal telephone excise tax?

  • a federal tax on international calls
  • a tax on telephone customers, collected by telephone companies
  • a tax on cellular telephone service

Which of the following VoIP services offers video calling?

  • Ooma
  • Vonage
  • Skype

What is a phone card?

  • a computer chip that activates VoIP service on a PC
  • a card on which to record phone numbers
  • a card with a fixed amount of credit that can be used for phone calls

What is "naked DSL"?

  • DSL Internet sold without landline phone service
  • The slowest possible DSL Internet service
  • DSL Internet service sold without cable TV

How much is the average American cell phone bill?

  • $92 per month
  • $67 per month
  • $49 per month

What does it mean to "bundle" services?

  • to purchase a phone with an answering machine
  • to combine basic phone service with call-waiting and caller ID
  • to combine phone service with cable TV or Internet

What is Interconnected VoIP Service?

  • a VoIP service that enables you to call from computer to computer
  • a VoIP service that enables you to place calls to non-VoIP landline phones
  • a VoIP service that offers video chat

What two states have the lowest rates of wireless-only households?

  • Rhode Island and New Jersey
  • Oregon and Washington
  • Arkansas and Mississippi

What two states have the highest rates of wireless-only households?

  • Oregon and Washington
  • Arkansas and Mississippi
  • Rhode Island and New Jersey

What is phone bill "cramming"?

  • combining different services (phone, TV, Internet) into one bill
  • charging customers for services that were not wanted or authorized
  • paying your phone bill once per year, instead of monthly

How can you prevent cramming?

  • don't answer calls from phone numbers you don't recognize
  • never share your phone number on the Internet
  • ask the phone company to block third-party calls

What does "VoIP" stand for?

  • Voice Over Internet Phone
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • Virtual Online Internet Phone

What is typically the cheapest way to make international calls?

  • VoIP
  • landline phones
  • cell phones

During an extended power outage, what phones are the most dependable?

  • cell phones
  • landline phones
  • VoIP

What is MagicJack?

  • a free Internet phone service
  • a telephone company
  • a VoIP phone service that connects to your PC

What is the startup cost for MagicJack?

  • $80
  • $39.95
  • $29.95