Glam up Your Galley (Without Going Broke!)
by Staff
Trying to dress up your kitchen décor but aren't sure where to start? Take the quiz to test your knowledge about kitchen decorating.

When you're on a budget, the array of kitchen décor choices can seem overwhelming. What's one way to focus yourself?

  • choose a professional interior designer
  • choose a décor style
  • choose a new kitchen color

What's the first thing to do when picking the décor style that will inform your decorating project?

  • select a style that lends itself to frugality
  • read magazines to find out what's hot and what's not
  • consider your own personality

Why is it important to consider the limitations of your kitchen space when you're decorating on a budget?

  • Blowing out walls may blow the budget.
  • Standard dimensions on new cabinets are different from standard dimensions on older-style cabinets.
  • Putting in new windows will almost certainly destabilize load-bearing walls.

One popular décor style for kitchens is the cottage style. What's it characterized by?

  • weathered finishes, beadboard and colors from the garden
  • heavy, dark, well-made furnishings and handwoven rugs
  • mid-century wood textures and low, clean lines

The Art Deco and Arts and Crafts styles differ in which major way?

  • The Arts and Crafts movement uses modern industrial production techniques, while the Art Deco style is more handcrafted.
  • The Art Deco movement uses modern industrial production techniques, while the Arts and Crafts style is more handcrafted.
  • The Arts and Crafts movement is a national extension of Victorian-era style, while Art Deco rejects the ornamentation of the Victorian era.

Contemporary style differs from Modern design in which major way?

  • Modern design is a subset of Contemporary design and refers only to work created between the 1940s and '50s.
  • Modern design uses tone-on-tone colors; Contemporary design favors stark whites.
  • Contemporary style is softer than Modern style, with more tone-on-tone elements than the stark whites of Modern design.

Is Country Kitchen décor an American take on the classic French Country décor style?

  • Sort of. French Provincial is a substyle of general County Kitchen décor.
  • No. French Country design features Louis XIV and Louis XV period pieces, while Country Kitchen décor showcases eclectic regional elements.
  • Yes. Country Kitchen and French Provincial style are synonymous.

What's one great way to save money on a kitchen decorating project?

  • reface, refinish or replace your existing kitchen cabinet doors
  • invest in high-quality, new kitchen cabinets that will last a lifetime
  • wrap your kitchen cabinet doors in seagrass or other natural-fiber fabrics

You can customize your kitchen cabinets without spending a fortune by doing what?

  • applying faux-stone for a medieval or gnomish look
  • adding custom molding or glass inserts to your existing cabinet doors
  • decorating them with photographs and decals

One of the cheapest, easiest ways to transform a space is to transform its ________________.

  • ergonomic function
  • style
  • color

A lot of research has been done on the effects of color on mood. According to Psychology Today, blues are more ______________, while reds are more ______________.

  • calming, energizing
  • subtle, dramatic
  • cold, hostile

Different décor styles feature different color palettes. Mediterranean style, for instance, takes its color palette from _________________.

  • the sea and sky
  • the browns and golds of rough, inhospitable terrain
  • the natural fibers woven from native grasses

Colors in the Country decorating style often feature ____________________.

  • bright glossy finishes
  • animal inspired textures
  • milk-paint finishes

No matter how well-dressed your kitchen is, it will never look its best if it's what?

  • cluttered
  • dark or dank
  • pasted with refrigerator art

In kitchens, there's often a lot of wasted space ________________.

  • on top of the refrigerator
  • in the back of the cabinets
  • in the pantry

What's one great way to organize pantry shelves?

  • stacking like items on top of each other
  • placing tall items on lower shelves and short items on higher shelves
  • using tiered cabinet organizers

Pots and pans take up a ton of space. Pulling them out of the cabinets and hanging them from walls or ceilings is ________________

  • a great way to free up space
  • a surefire way to clutter up your kitchen
  • something that should only be considered if your cookware is of professional quality

Which is the most appropriate type of lighting for a kitchen?

  • decorative
  • ambient
  • both of the above