Quiz: Money-saving Tips for Movie Freaks
by Staff
Think you know how to satisfy your movie bug on a budget? Take the quiz to find out.

According to the National Association of Theater Owners, how much was the average price of a U.S. movie theater ticket in 2010?

  • $7.50
  • $7.89
  • $9.00

Why is the average ticket price $7.89 when theaters in my town are charging $9, $10 or even more for a movie ticket?

  • Head counts, which affect average ticket prices, are often thrown off by people who purchase one ticket but sneak into another theater for an unauthorized double feature.
  • Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, which sell 50 percent-off theater discounts, are skewing the national average.
  • The average ticket price also includes lower-priced matinees and children's tickets.

Some theaters have actually charged as much as $__________ for tickets to 3D IMAX screening of movies like "Shrek Forever After."

  • $18.99
  • $20.00
  • $25.00

In addition to inflation, which new technology is contributing most to the rise in theater ticket prices?

  • 3D
  • IMAX
  • Poor concession stand sales

With theater ticket prices on the rise, movie buffs are having to get creative in order to satisfy their movie bug without breaking the bank. __________ is one great way to see movies for free.

  • downloading films from the Internet
  • online streaming
  • having a friend pay for a ticket and FaceTime you from his iPhone while he watches it

New York Times writer David Pogue calls online streaming the ____________________ of film.

  • unfortunate destiny
  • death knell
  • glorious future

Several unlikely companies have dipped a toe into the business of online streaming. One was ___________, which paired with Alphaline Entertainment to release streaming content in 2010.

  • Apple Inc.
  • Sears/Kmart (Sears Holdings Corp.)
  • MoviesRUs

Online streaming pioneer Zediva Inc. thought it had discovered an incredible loophole in copyright laws by purchasing standard DVDs, playing them one at a time, jukebox-style, on hundreds of DVD players and creating software that enabled end-users to ___________________.

  • control the DVD players remotely, like they would control their personal, in-home DVD player
  • copy the DVD content for their own permanent personal use
  • FaceTime remotely with up to five friends for a virtual movie-party experience.

Until recently, subscription to this popular DVD mail-order service also gave subscribers access to unlimited online streaming.

  • Redbox
  • Netflix
  • Blockbuster

This brick-and-mortar video store declared bankruptcy but has undergone something of a resurrection since launching it's streaming service and being acquired by Dish Network.

  • Movies-2-Go
  • MovieZone
  • BlockBuster

What are three of the most popular sites for streaming movies and TV shows?

  • Netflix, Hulu and Blockbuster
  • Redbox, Netflix and iTunes

In addition to sites like Netflix and Blockbuster, which stream and/or home deliver popular movies, back-catalog hits and television shows, there are also sites like Anime Takeout, which cater to _______________________.

  • Asian clients
  • niche markets
  • movie buffs who are also interested in recycling

Movie buffs cite ________________ as one major drawback to streaming movies online.

  • poor picture quality
  • cost
  • the lack of a real theater experience

What's one major advantage DVDs have over online streams?

  • Because of their often remarkable package design, DVDs can be considered collectibles.
  • DVDs are free of the viruses and malware that sometimes plague online streaming content.
  • DVDs often contain bonus materials and features that online streamers can't access.

Which DVD rental company was, until recently, known for its $1 rentals?

  • Netflix
  • Redbox
  • the public library

Why pay to rent or stream movies when you can get them for free at _________________?

  • the end of a neighborhood yard sale, when most of the good stuff is gone and the owner is willing to give stuff away to anyone who will take it
  • Illegal movie download sites
  • the public library

What kind of service offers another novel way to get movies for free?

  • DVD swap and exchange sites
  • eBay Inc.
  • churches

What are three places where you can list DVDs to swap?

  •, used bookstores and library swap events
  •, and Blockbuster Exchange
  •, and

Besides online streaming, DVD rental and DVD swap services, what are two more great ways to see movies inexpensively?

  • check out drive-ins and second-run theaters
  • check out art cinemas and neighborhood block parties
  • check out public VHS viewings and second-run theaters

One final great way to save money and still see a film on the big screen is to ________________.

  • drive to a hill overlooking your local drive-in and recite the dialogue to your date as the action unfolds
  • attend free outdoor summer film events
  • attend a college where film students sometimes showcase their work at free student festivals