Worse Than Vampires: 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Monsters Quiz
by Staff
There are worse things than vampires in the Buffyverse, like countless demons and weird robots. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the nonvampire monsters of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

In the episode "The Pack," Xander and several other students turn into monstrous, cannibalistic versions of themselves when they're possessed by the spirits of what kind of animal?

  • wolves
  • hyenas
  • wolverines

Why does the swim team turn into sea monsters and kill their coach?

  • He'd been giving them "fish steroids" via steam therapy.
  • He'd performed an ancient ritual to summon a sea demon.
  • Their ancestors were a race of demon-worshipping sea monsters.

What are the creatures who steal everyone's voices in the episode "Hush" called?

  • the Gentlemen
  • the Regulators
  • the Silencers

What kind of demon is Giles transformed into by Ethan Rayne?

  • a Shraed demon
  • a Lunak demon
  • a Fyarl demon

The animated ventriloquist dummy Sid was actually what?

  • a transmogrified demon
  • a demon hunter cursed into dummy form
  • a real dummy made from magical wood

Where do the eggs that turn into parasitic tentacle monsters come from?

  • They were laid by a demon.
  • They were released when a meteor landed in Sunnydale.
  • They were given to everyone as a home economics assignment.

Two guys try to create a "Frankenstein" girl for the brother of one of the boys. What is the brother?

  • ectoplasmic projection
  • werewolf
  • zombie

The sluglike demons from space, often summoned to kill people with mental illnesses, are called what?

  • Queller demons
  • Kepler demons
  • Cacophonite demons

The Ugly Man is a manifestation of a comatose boy's nightmare about whom?

  • his baseball coach
  • his grandfather
  • his history teacher

The child-killing monster from the episode "Killed by Death" is called what?

  • the Dream Master
  • <i>Der Kindestod</i>
  • <i>Entschuldigen Sie Bitte</i>

Marcie, a student ignored by almost everyone, eventually is taken away to be trained as an assassin because she …

  • can kill people just by thinking about it
  • has become invisible
  • has no moral issues with killing people

What is notable about the demon Whistler?

  • He's the one who recruited Angel to work for the Powers That Be and serve good instead of evil.
  • He's Angel's sire.
  • He has a scroll listing all the future Slayers to the end of time.

What is hiding under Wig Lady's wig?

  • a gremlin
  • demonic horns
  • a tentacle with a mouth used to eat humans

Who turns out to actually be a giant, evil praying mantis monster?

  • the mayor
  • the substitute biology teacher
  • Willow's mom

Anya, as a Vengeance demon, turns Ronnie (someone's abusive boyfriend) into what?

  • a Sluggoth demon
  • a zombie
  • a walking mailbox

When Buffy's mom starts dating again, her too-good-to-be-true boyfriend Ted turns out to be what?

  • a psychotic robot
  • a psychotic demon
  • a psychotic human

The demon Gnarl kills his victims in what way?

  • He slowly skins them alive.
  • He pulls their heads off.
  • He drinks their spinal fluid.

How does Buffy defeat Gachnar, the fear demon that almost ruins Halloween?

  • She paints a mystical binding symbol on his chest.
  • She embraces her fears, removing the source of his power.
  • She steps on him, since he's only 4 inches (10 centimeters) tall.

What does the Glarghk Guhl Kashmas'nik demon do?

  • causes Joyce's brain tumor
  • traps Buffy in an alternate reality where she is in a mental hospital
  • turns Tara evil

What horrific thing can the door-to-door salesman from the episode "What's My Line" transform into?

  • a 6-foot (183-centimeter) housefly
  • a marketing director
  • a mass of worms and maggots

What kind of monster is Oz?

  • a werewolf
  • a mummy
  • a Sasquatch

What causes Pete to turn into a raging, vein-faced monster that beats up his girlfriend?

  • the full moon
  • a curse
  • a potion

What is the name of the demon that Buffy runs afoul of while she's in hell?

  • Toralamaug
  • Arg'Arnagh Dzurt
  • Ken

What monster is Anya's ex-boyfriend and smashes up Sunnydale with a warhammer?

  • Olaf the Troll
  • Dracula
  • Hansel, the dark elf supermodel

Spike and Drusilla resurrect a legendary demon whose goal is to destroy all humanity. What is the demon called?

  • the Blind One
  • the Judge
  • the Ninth Finger

What demon can only possess people when they're dead or unconscious?

  • Eyghon the Sleepwalker
  • Terrig the Unbound
  • Dolorr the Lacerator

Nathan Fillion played an evil, woman-murdering priest named what?

  • Caleb
  • Caine
  • Josiah

What is the name of the demon that causes everyone around him to burst into song and dance?

  • Jonny Cakewalk
  • Vulgaire
  • Sweet

The Inca Mummy Girl falls in love with whom?

  • Xander
  • Buffy
  • Giles

What is the most notable feature of Doc, the creepy old guy who worships Glory?

  • spiderlike eye clusters on the sides of his head
  • a superlong tongue
  • syringes instead of fingernails