Life on a Hellmouth: The 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Quiz
by Staff
Joss Whedon's groundbreaking TV series peered into the hearts of monsters and teenagers and found … well, that they have a lot in common. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Who founded Sunnydale?

  • Mayor Wilkins
  • Principal Snyder
  • Angelus

What is the name of the demon Mayor Wilkins turns into during his Ascension?

  • Kakistos
  • Balthazar
  • Olvikan

What is Buffy's mom's name?

  • Eloise
  • Diane
  • Joyce

At what teen nightclub do the characters usually hang out?

  • the Peach Pit
  • the Bronze
  • the Avalon

What role did "Three's Company" star John Ritter play in a "Buffy" episode?

  • an evil robot dating Buffy's mom
  • a demon that kills people by telling jokes that make them laugh to death
  • a substitute teacher who is really a ghost

What is the title of the famous musical episode?

  • "Sing, You Fools!"
  • "Once More, With Feeling"
  • "A Song for Every Heart"

What kind of demon is Anya?

  • war demon
  • vengeance demon
  • deceit demon

What was Giles' nickname when he was a young man?

  • Ripper
  • Professor
  • Halfstack

Why does the first season of "Buffy" have fewer episodes than all the other seasons?

  • "Buffy" was a mid-season replacement for another show that was canceled.
  • A writer's strike cut the first season short.
  • Each episode is twice as long in the first season.

When does Xander propose to Anya?

  • at Buffy's mom's wedding
  • after Buffy destroys the mayor
  • while they're preparing to battle Glory

What does the Scooby gang call the major villains they face, a term which has been adopted into pop culture since then?

  • the level boss
  • the primary threat
  • the big bad

What is the name of the first Slayer that Buffy meets?

  • Kendra
  • Faith
  • Lucretia

Who kills Kendra?

  • soldiers from the Institute
  • Angelus
  • Drusilla

Janna of Clan Kalderash is better known by another name. What is it?

  • Jenny Calendar
  • Drusilla
  • the First

What is notable about the episode "Hush"?

  • The entire episode is a dream in which Buffy is forced to kill all her friends.
  • The episode's soundtrack is made up entirely of white noise caused by a sonic demon.
  • The featured monsters steal the power of speech, so the episode includes very little dialogue.

What does the Ritual of Restoration do?

  • give a vampire a soul
  • bring a dead Slayer back to life
  • undo the destruction caused by evil beings in the prior 24 hours

How does Angel lose his soul?

  • by drinking blood from another vampire
  • by experiencing a moment of pure happiness
  • by murdering an innocent human

Who performs the Ritual of Restoration to give Angel his soul back?

  • Jenny Calendar
  • Willow
  • Tara

What is Buffy's little sister's name?

  • Dawn
  • Faith
  • Hope

Why does everyone accept Dawn's presence as if she's always been there, even though she doesn’t appear and is never mentioned until season five?

  • She is a form of dimensional energy in human form, and the monks who created her give everyone false memories.
  • The writers wanted to introduce a new character and decided it would be fine if they just acted like she'd always been there.
  • Dawn had been cursed to be invisible and forgotten for years until the curse is broken, and everyone's memories are restored.

What is Glory's full name?

  • Glaurammerung
  • Glorificus
  • Gloralli

How is Glory's plan to open the doors to all dimensions stopped?

  • Spike pushes a demon through the portal, killing it (along with his only chance of ever gaining a soul).
  • Willow and Dawn join their magical powers and cast a spell together.
  • Buffy realizes the "gift of death" is her own ability to close the portals by sacrificing herself.

What legendary monster does Buffy face in the fifth season?

  • Freddy Krueger
  • Godzilla
  • Dracula

What secret demon-hunting government agency is headquartered under the University of California, Sunnydale?

  • the Initiative
  • the Demonoid Phenomenon
  • Operation: Zero Tolerance

What does Spike have built when Buffy rejects his sexual suggestions?

  • a sweet '68 Camaro
  • the Buffybot
  • a soul-trapping device

What causes Willow's use of dark magic to go out of control, turning her into Dark Willow?

  • her grief over the death of her girlfriend, Tara
  • a magic amplifying crystal unwittingly gifted to her by Xander
  • a particular alignment of the constellations

After Buffy sacrifices herself to close Glory's portals, but before the Scooby gang resurrects her, where is she?

  • heaven
  • hell
  • Los Angeles

Why does Cordelia leave for Los Angeles?

  • She's chosen to be the Los Angeles area's regional Slayer.
  • because she's in love with Angel
  • to become an actress

What happens to Sunnydale in the series finale?

  • It becomes a "null zone" where only the undead can exist.
  • It's warded against demons when the Hellmouth is magically sealed.
  • It collapses into a giant crater.

Who sacrifices himself to wield a magic amulet and destroy the Hellmouth?

  • Spike
  • Xander
  • Giles