Slayer Bait: The Buffy Vampires Quiz
by Staff
If you're planning on a night of slaying vampires, you'd better know your enemy. This quiz will put your knowledge of the vampires of the Buffyverse to the test. Every time you get a question wrong, imagine Giles looking down at you disapprovingly.

How does a vampire create a new vampire?

  • by tricking a human into drinking vampire blood
  • with a brief but intense ceremony involving blood paintings and incense
  • by drinking almost all of the human victim's blood, then letting the victim drink some of the vampire's blood

What happens when a human becomes a vampire?

  • The human soul dies, then the body is inhabited by a soulless demon.
  • The human's soul becomes permanently bonded to the body, making him or her immortal.
  • The human is infected with a virus that makes one immortal and crave blood.

What do nonvampire demons think of vampires?

  • They consider vampires impure and pathetic because vampires have human bodies.
  • They consider vampires revered vessels of demonic heritage on Earth.
  • The only way demons can reproduce is with a vampire, so they see vampires as objects of affection.

What vampire sires Harmony?

  • Angelus
  • the Master
  • one of the mayor's random vampire minions

What was Spike's name before he became a vampire?

  • Augustus Lavinicus
  • Benedict Spiel
  • William Pratt

What kind of blood can vampires drink to sustain themselves?

  • human blood
  • mammal blood
  • any animal's blood

What are the Turok-Han?

  • a species of demon that has been controlling and manipulating vampires for centuries
  • an ancient order of vampire hunters
  • an ancient race of primitive, powerful vampires

What traditional vampire vulnerability do Turok-Han vampires NOT have?

  • death by sunlight
  • repelled by crucifixes
  • killed by wooden stakes

What is the term for the race of ancient demons that created the first vampires?

  • the Primeval
  • the Old Ones
  • the Night Gods

True or false: Buffy slays Dracula himself.

  • true
  • false

What ability does Drusilla have that most vampires do NOT?

  • psychic powers
  • the ability to walk in daylight
  • the ability to fly long distances

What is the name of the slayer Drusilla killed?

  • Jade
  • Faith
  • Kendra

What is the Night of Saint Vigeous?

  • a sort of vampire holiday, when vampires are more powerful and go out hunting humans
  • a religious day when even powerful vampires are weakened and can be permanently killed
  • Angelus' self-important term for his own siring day

What is the name of the vampire religious order that worships the Old Ones?

  • the Order of Aurelius
  • the Sons of Baphomet
  • the Friends of Maloker

Which vampire is the first to kill Buffy?

  • the Master
  • Angelus
  • Drusilla

Which of these vampires is NOT a member of the Master's bloodline?

  • Darla
  • Harmony Kendall
  • Sheila Martini

How is the resurrection of the Master prevented?

  • His corpse is buried in consecrated ground.
  • His bones are crushed into a fine powder.
  • His coffin is launched into space.

What was Angel/Angelus' name when he was a human?

  • Alexander
  • Rory
  • Liam

Who is Angel's sire?

  • the Master
  • Darla
  • Giles (from an alternate timeline in which he was a vampire)

Why are vampires psychically connected to their sires and progeny?

  • The Bloodkind Stone, an ancient artifact, transmits psychic information along vampiric bloodlines.
  • Vampires have a hive mind, through which they all are able to read each other's thoughts.
  • Each vampire is imbued with a fragment of the essence of the bloodline's originator when one is sired.

What happens when a vampire drinks slayer blood?

  • The vampire contracts a slow wasting disease that weakens it.
  • The vampire burns from within and turns to dust.
  • The vampire gets a major power boost.

What did Darla, Angelus, Drusilla and Spike call themselves when they marauded around Europe together?

  • Cold Blood
  • the Black Death
  • the Whirlwind

What is the name of the clever vampire who works as a "fixer" for Kakistos and Mayor Wilkins?

  • Mr. Trick
  • Dr. Graves
  • J.R. Bathory

How many slayers has Spike killed?

  • zero
  • two
  • five

What happens when a werewolf bites a vampire?

  • The vampire gets annoyed.
  • The vampire becomes a rare hybrid lycanthrovamp.
  • Both the werewolf and vampire temporarily revert to human form due to magical feedback.

What is the primary result of a vampire gaining a soul?

  • The vampire begins aging.
  • The vampire is able to feel remorse for the horrible things he did in the past.
  • The vampire is able to walk in daylight without immediately being destroyed (though it's still unpleasant).

Who cursed Angel and gave him his soul?

  • the Kalderash gypsy clan
  • the Svear Order of priestesses
  • Willow's great-grandmother

Can vampires get drunk?

  • yes
  • no

What happens to a vampire's body when it's staked?

  • It rapidly rots into a smelly black liquid.
  • It turns to dust.
  • It vanishes in a flash of blinding light.

What effect does the Gem of Amara have on vampires?

  • It allows them to see visions of the future.
  • It removes all their vampiric weaknesses, making them invulnerable.
  • It allows them to achieve a fully demonic form of immense supernatural power.