The Ultimate Must Tools for a Builder's Toolbox Quiz
by Staff
The rows and rows of shiny new tools at your local DIY store can be very tempting. Before you go out and buy a bunch of tools you don't need and will never use, check out our quiz to see which five tools you definitely can't do without.

Which type of hammer is used most often by amateurs and professionals alike to both pound and remove nails?

  • claw hammer
  • sledgehammer
  • ball-peen hammer

Which type of hammer is used to tear down a structure like a wall in your home?

  • claw hammer
  • sledgehammer
  • ball-peen hammer

Power drills are powered by:

  • power cords
  • batteries
  • either of the above

Which part of a power drill does the actual boring of a hole?

  • the drill borer
  • the drill chuck
  • the drill bit

What determines the size of drill bit that you can use in your power drill?

  • the size of the drill
  • the size of the chuck
  • the size of the battery

What is the most common use for a screw?

  • to hang pictures on your wall
  • to fasten two objects together
  • to hang shelves on your wall

Which screwdriver is made to fit specific types of screws?

  • the flathead screwdriver
  • the Philip's head screwdriver
  • both of the above

Which type of saw will fit into your toolbox?

  • hacksaw
  • jigsaw
  • table saw

A _____is a measurement device that indicates whether or not a surface is level.

  • balloon level
  • bubble level
  • plumb level

Which tool allows you to take accurate measurements during a construction job?

  • a tape measure
  • a tape dispenser
  • a tape recorder