The Ultimate Building a Dog House Quiz
by Staff
To accommodate your dog in its own residence, you can get a ready-made dog house or a pre-fab, order one custom-made, or build your own. If you want to do it yourself, you'll be amazed how easy it is if you take this quiz.

If you built your own dog house by cutting your own lumber, how much would it cost?

  • less than $70
  • over $100
  • at least $120

What would you get if you bought a preassembled dog house costing $7,000?

  • a dog Jacuzzi, gold-plated trimmings
  • furnishings, lighting, heating and cooling systems
  • a mini-bar with dog snacks, floor to ceiling carpets

What tools do you need to assemble a dog house that comes as a dog house kit?

  • a saw or an ax
  • a mallet or a pair of pliers
  • a hammer or screwdriver

How do you determine the correct dog house size for your dog?

  • It needs to be snug-fitting around your dog for coziness.
  • It should ideally be twice the size of your dog.
  • It has to be big enough for the dog to enter, turn around and lie down.

What kind of luxury kits can you buy?

  • doggie condos, mansions and chalets
  • doggie three-story apartment buildings with an elevator
  • both of the above

Why would you want to get a doggie duplex?

  • because you can use one side for the winter and the other for the summer "vacation" home
  • because you've got two dogs
  • because it costs the same as a doggie single unit

Which type of dog house will ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind?

  • a dog house kit
  • a home-made one
  • a doggie pre-fab unit

If a dog house is advertised as "lightweight" is this an advantage or a disadvantage?

  • it depends
  • an advantage
  • a disadvantage

Your neighbor boasts that his dog house has wallpaper. Short of peering over the fence to check it out, how do you know if it's possible or not?

  • There's no such thing -- he's kidding you.
  • It's possible if he paid a lot for his doggie mansion.
  • It's likely to be true since most dog houses have this feature.

What are most dog houses made of?

  • canvas or hemp
  • silicone or aluminum
  • wood or plastic

What makes wooden dog houses so popular?

  • They're inexpensive and fairly easy to make yourself.
  • They're natural.
  • They're lightweight.

If you live in an area that has high humidity, what wood is recommended for your dog house?

  • teak
  • pine
  • cedar

Buying a plastic dog house means that you can be assured that it will be:

  • large
  • waterproof
  • nice-looking

Which of these are advantages of buying a plastic dog house as opposed to a wooden one?

  • You know that you're getting a quality product.
  • You won't need to wait ages for delivery.
  • You don't need to worry about termite damage.

Aside from getting a costly heating or cooling system for your dog house, what can you do about regulating the temperature?

  • not much
  • use insulation
  • install carpeting

Your dog reminds you of Snoopy in that he loves lying on top of his dog house. What roofing should you have, then?

  • wooden shingles
  • untreated plywood paneling
  • metal shingles

When you build a dog house, what protective gear should you use?

  • neither of the answers below
  • helmet and safety shield
  • gloves and goggles

What is the problem with using treated lumber to build your dog house?

  • It could contain toxins harmful to your dog.
  • It could emit an odor bothersome to your dog.
  • It could have tiny wood splinters sticking out.

Treated wood containing arsenic-based preservatives was phased out of use in the U.S. in:

  • 1998
  • 2003
  • 2007

Is there any danger in having a dog house that is small for your dog?

  • Yes, it might harm its health.
  • No, it might merely be uncomfortable.
  • The jury is out on this one.