The Ultimate Building a Patio Quiz
by Staff
If you think building a concrete patio sounds like a big job, you're right. Know what's involved before you start this big do-it-yourself job. Take this quiz to see how well you know how to build a patio.

To build a nine foot square (7.5sqm) concrete patio, about how many days will it take?

  • one-half day
  • one day
  • two days or more

What type of ground is best for a patio?

  • level
  • well drained
  • both answers

For best results, which direction should the patio site slope?

  • no slope
  • away from the home
  • toward the home

For the patio grid, how big should each unit of poured concrete be?

  • two-foot square
  • three-foot square
  • five-foot square

How deep should the gravel base be?

  • two inches
  • three inches
  • five inches

How deep should the concrete be?

  • two inches
  • four inches
  • six inches

To frame the patio, what type of lumber should be used?

  • pressure-treated ground-contact
  • untreated
  • neither answer

Why should you use machine-mixed concrete?

  • stronger
  • less bubbling
  • nicer color

What is the most convenient way to machine-mix the concrete?

  • rent
  • buy
  • neither answer

How may you prevent air holes in the concrete?

  • Poke through with a shovel.
  • Overmix the cement.
  • Undermix the cement.

How many people are needed to level the surface of newly poured concrete?

  • one
  • two
  • five

What tool should you use to smooth the leveled concrete?

  • wood float
  • steel trowel
  • shovel

To create a nonslip surface, what should you pull across the troweled concrete surface?

  • damp push broom
  • wood float
  • steel trowel

How long should concrete cure?

  • one day
  • two days
  • one week or more

What should you do during the curing period?

  • Wet it once a day.
  • Wet it twice a day.
  • both answers

How soon after curing may you place furniture on the patio?

  • one day
  • two days
  • one week

How long does cement need to mix in the rental mixer?

  • at least three minutes
  • time specified by rental agent
  • both answers

What is the easiest way to purchase concrete mix materials?

  • buy premixed materials
  • mix your own materials
  • neither answers

What is the least expensive way to purchase concrete mix materials?

  • Buy premixed materials.
  • Mix it yourself.
  • Neither answer is correct.

Other than Portland cement and sand, what else goes into concrete mix?

  • coarse aggregate
  • zinc
  • salt