The Ultimate Building a Pole Barn Quiz
by Staff
Storage costs can really add up, and building a barn takes time and money. One convenient solution is to build a pole barn. Do you know where and how to build one? Take our quiz to learn more about how to build a pole barn.

Which of these statements best describes a pole barn?

  • A pole barn is a small barn in which you store fishing poles.
  • A pole barn is a barn supported entirely by poles that have been anchored into the ground.
  • A pole barn is a barn on stilts, which prevent the contents from getting wet in cases of flood.

What material is usually used to anchor the poles of the barn into the ground?

  • concrete
  • epoxy glue
  • sand

By anchoring the poles into the ground, you avoid having to do which of these major construction tasks?

  • You do not need to build a frame.
  • You do not need to build a roof.
  • You do not need to dig a foundation.

The framing of a pole barn runs in which direction?

  • vertical
  • diagonal
  • horizontal

The poles and frame of a pole barn are usually made of what material?

  • steel
  • iron
  • wood

The poles for the barn should be made of what type of wood?

  • pine
  • pressure-treated lumber
  • cocobolo

Why build a pole barn rather than a standard barn?

  • They are cheaper and easier to build than standard barns.
  • They are more attractive than standard barns.
  • They have more space than standard barns.

The roof of a pole barn is typically made of what material?

  • wood
  • steel
  • hay

Before you begin building a pole barn, or any building project for that matter, you must find out whether you need which of these?

  • a helping hand
  • a building permit
  • an interior decorator

What is an advantage of using sliding doors rather than overhead doors?

  • greater clearance
  • aesthetics
  • increased floor space

The ground on which you build the pole barn should have which of these qualities?

  • The ground should be well-drained.
  • The ground should have fertile soil.
  • The ground should be grassy and moist.

The site you choose for building a pole barn should be how much bigger than the footprint of the barn?

  • You should leave an extra 3 feet of length and width.
  • You should leave an extra 6 feet of length and width.
  • You should leave an extra 12 feet of length and width.

Pole barns are usually measured in sections with what dimensions?

  • 24 square feet
  • 48 square feet
  • 64 square feet

The corners of the pole barn should be what angle?

  • 90 degrees
  • 180 degrees
  • 212 degrees

Concrete usually needs how much time to dry and settle?

  • several hours
  • several days
  • several weeks

The main factor in determining how deep the poles should be inserted is what?

  • the type of soil
  • the type of concrete
  • the type of pole

If you're going to keep live animals in your pole barn, you should do which of the following?

  • Paint the barn.
  • Insulate the barn.
  • Give the barn a nice floor.

At what temperature does heat stress begin to be a concern when dealing with poultry and livestock?

  • 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16C)
  • 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32C)
  • 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49C)

Reflective insulation will help prevent which of these?

  • condensation
  • rain leaks
  • ground swells

Foil-foam-foil insulation has been shown to withstand temperatures how high?

  • 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60C)
  • 180 degrees Fahrenheit (82C)