The Ultimate Building a Storage Shed Quiz
by Staff
If you are a pack rat and your garage stores everything but your car, consider building a storage shed. A storage shed may be professionally built or a do-it-yourself project. Take this quiz to see what you know about how to build a storage shed.

How does pressure-treated lumber differ from untreated lumber?

  • resists decay
  • resists insect infestation
  • both answers

For what component of the storage shed is it important to use pressure-treated lumber?

  • floor
  • bottom plate of the walls
  • both answers

What type of pressure-treated wood should be used for floors?

  • softwood
  • plywood
  • hardwood

How long should it take a skilled carpenter to build a storage shed?

  • one day
  • one week
  • two weeks

For building a storage shed, where do you find out what kind of permits you will need?

  • local jurisdiction
  • state jurisdiction
  • federal jurisdiction

Before building, why would you need to check with your homeowners association?

  • guidelines
  • approval process
  • both answers

Why may you want to notify your neighbors of your intention to install a storage shed?

  • You may need your neighbors' approval.
  • Your neighbors' may want to use the shed.
  • Your neighbors' may help you build the shed.

What type of foundation may extend the life of your storage shed?

  • concrete
  • wood-post
  • compactable gravel

What are skids made of?

  • rubber sheets
  • long cuts of lumber
  • metal flashing

To determine whether a surface is level or plumb, what tool should you use?

  • carpenter's level
  • hammer
  • framing square

If you plan on moving the storage shed, what type of footing should you choose?

  • concrete
  • wood skids
  • compactable gravel

When determining the size of a storage shed, what should you consider?

  • what you will store
  • tools available
  • style of your home

What effect may frost heaves cause?

  • icy surfaces
  • movement of frozen soil
  • melting snow

If your garage is so cluttered that you cannot park your car inside, what do-it-yourself project may be a good idea?

  • a three-car garage
  • a storage shed
  • a dog house

What are the limitations of prefabricated storage sheds?

  • limited styles
  • limited durability
  • both answers

Where can you find storage shed building plans?

  • home improvement stores
  • Internet
  • both answers

Which part of the storage shed plan is easily changed?

  • size of the windows
  • size of the doors
  • both answers

If you use wooden-skids instead of a foundation, what may be used to anchor the shed to the ground?

  • cable tie-downs
  • wooden posts
  • both answers

To build the shed, how much will the materials cost?

  • 500
  • 750
  • 2000

Where should you install the roof overlay?

  • under the roof frame
  • over the roof frame
  • over the exterior roof material