The Ultimate Building Window Treatments Quiz
by Staff
Jazz up your window with some do-it-yourself projects. Add interest without taking up space by building some window storage spaces, such as a shelving unit or window box. Take this quiz to see what you need to know about how to build window treatments.

What window addition may provide the perfect space for plants?

  • window box
  • valance
  • insulating curtains

How may you use a window to display collectibles?

  • window box
  • window-based shelves
  • valance

What is a carpenter's square?

  • used for determining right angles
  • box to stand on
  • used to determine vertical alignment

What type of wood is pine?

  • softwood
  • hardwood
  • plywood

What is carpenter's glue used for?

  • wood to wood
  • wood to steel
  • wood to rubber

When building shelving, what is the purpose of angle irons?

  • secure unit to the wall
  • support unit
  • determine vertical alignment

Why should the plants not have direct contact with glass windows?

  • may damage the plants
  • may dirty the window
  • does not look nice

What is resorcinol glue used for?

  • outdoor use
  • withstand the elements
  • both answers

What are weep holes use for?

  • drainage
  • to add fertilizer
  • to add water

What type of hardware may be used to fasten wood to brick or concrete walls?

  • lag screws driven into lead masonry anchors
  • brass or stainless steel flathead screws
  • both answers

Why may redwood or cedar be an appropriate choice to construct a window box?

  • rot resistant
  • strong
  • both answers

To help with drainage, what should you add to the window box before adding the soil?

  • gravel
  • plastic layer
  • fertilizer

How long should paint or stain dry before installing your plant shelf unit?

  • whatever the manufacturer says
  • till dry to the touch
  • neither answer

What items may be displayed on a windowsill shelf?

  • any items
  • plants only
  • collectibles only

Where may a windowsill shelf be located?

  • inside
  • outside
  • both answers

What is a saber saw used for?

  • for tight spaces
  • same as a circular saw
  • neither answer

What options are available for shaping the shelf ends of your windowsill shelf?

  • square
  • round or angled
  • both answers

A windowsill may add some visual excitement to your window without:

  • taking effort
  • taking up space
  • costing money

What is a plane?

  • smooth wood
  • shape wood
  • both answers

When would a power drill use carbide-tipped bits?

  • drilling into concrete
  • drilling into steel
  • both answers