The Ultimate Bullying Quiz
by Staff
A school environment that includes bullying greatly impacts your child's feeling of safety at school. Bullying can greatly affect your child's ability to learn and grow emotionally, socially and cognitively. Take this quiz and find out how you can reduce the incidence of school bullying.

Bullies can intimidate others because of their:

  • physical strength
  • social standing
  • both of the above

Bullying includes:

  • physical aggression
  • social pressures
  • both of the above

At what age is bullying most common?

  • elementary school
  • middle school
  • high school

Kids who bully tend to:

  • go unnoticed
  • get into trouble
  • be good students

How can you identify a child who bullies?

  • ask your child's primary teacher
  • observe how children interact
  • ask your child's principal

What is the first step a school should take to decrease bullying?

  • Define what is considered to be bullying.
  • Enforce a zero tolerance rule for bullying.
  • Have a school assembly about bullying.

When talking to a bully, the school administrator should:

  • discuss the concept of bullying
  • label the child as a bully
  • focus on the specific bullying incident

Teachers should enforce bullying rules:

  • consistently and quickly
  • by deferring to the school administration
  • by talking to the bully only after school hours

Children who typically are targets of bullies tend to be:

  • passive
  • rule-conscious
  • both of the above

Female bullies tend to:

  • use emotional tactics
  • bully in groups
  • both of the above

A child who is a target of bullying should first:

  • try to talk to the bully by themselves
  • report the bullying incident
  • try to ignore the bullying

Your child will appear less vulnerable if your child:

  • stays with a group of peers
  • holds their head up high
  • both of the above

Besides dealing with the bullying situation, what else should you do if your child is bullied at school?

  • Pay more attention to your child.
  • Drop off and pick up your child from school everyday.
  • Enroll your child in extra curricular activities.

Schools that have low levels of bullying report:

  • higher test scores
  • greater school happiness
  • both of the above

A comprehensive school-wide anti-bullying program involves:

  • workshops and lessons
  • continuous enforcement of rules and follow-up
  • both of the above