The Ultimate Burglar Alarm Quiz
by Staff
We all try to keep ourselves and our possessions safe, yet burglaries are on the rise. One way to deter thieves is with a well-designed burglar alarm. There are so many to choose from, though -- do you know which kind is best for you? Take our quiz to learn more about burglar alarms and how they can keep your valuables secure.

You can find a do-it-yourself alarm kit for as little as how much?

  • $10
  • $100
  • $1,000

To cause electricity to flow from one point to another, an electrical circuit must have what?

  • batteries
  • opposite charges
  • a metal conduit

Which of these statements best defines an open-circuit electrical system?

  • An open-circuit system allows electricity to flow as long as the circuit remains open.
  • An open-circuit system allows electricity to flow at all times, and cannot be interrupted.
  • An open-circuit system allows electricity to flow as long as the circuit remains closed.

To set off an alarm attached to a closed-circuit system you must do which of these?

  • You must open the circuit.
  • You must close the circuit.
  • You must cut the power.

The preferred system for entry-point alarms is which of these?

  • open-circuit systems
  • closed-circuit systems
  • combination systems

Which of these sets of components help make up a magnet sensor system?

  • magnet, spring, switch
  • control box, keep pad, latch
  • hammer, catch, platform

Which component of a magnet sensor system keeps the circuit switch closed?

  • the magnet
  • the spring
  • the switch

Which component of a magnet sensor system causes the switch to open when the door is opened?

  • the magnet
  • the spring
  • the sensor

Other than on a door, you might find a magnet system built into which of these?

  • chimneys
  • garage doors
  • windows

Rather than have each entry point attached to its own control, the modern alarm system uses which of these?

  • a switchboard
  • a control box
  • a motherboard

Once the control box recognizes that a circuit has been interrupted, and the alarm is going off, the only way to turn it off is with which of these?

  • a pass code
  • a hammer
  • a power outage

Unlike point-of-entry alarms, motion detectors are intended to protect which of these?

  • the garage
  • the perimeter
  • the interior

Which of these is the most common uses of a radar-based motion detector?

  • automatic doors
  • automatic windows
  • automatic garage doors

A radar-based motion detector is set off when which of these things occurs?

  • When you step on a pressure sensor, the door opens.
  • When you step in the path of the radio wave, the interruption sets off the mechanism.
  • When your body heat is detected by the radio, the alarm goes off.

Unlike a radar-based motion detector, which uses sound waves, photo-sensor motion detectors use which of these?

  • pressure
  • heat
  • light

What does PIR stand for?

  • positioned intruder receptor
  • passive infra-red
  • positive input ratio

How are PIR systems used in burglar alarms?

  • The PIR system recognizes the intruder's body heat.
  • The PIR system recognizes when its infra-red laser beam has been interrupted.
  • The PIR recognizes when the air pressure in the room has changed.

If an alarm is triggered when the circuit is interrupted, why don't alarms go off every time people enter their homes?

  • The motion detectors are set to recognize the homeowner.
  • The alarm's circuit isn't interrupted if you open the door with a key.
  • The control box is set with a short delay to allow the owner enough time to enter a security code.

In what way do the sirens and lights of a burglar alarm actually help?

  • The noise and lights attract attention to the house, which gives most thieves a reason to leave immediately.
  • Thieves tend to be afraid of bright lights and loud noises, so they run away.
  • Bright lights and loud noises are picked up by satellites that are monitored by the police department.

The telephone auto-dialer is responsible for which of these safety features?

  • The auto-dialer calls you to let you know that someone is in your home.
  • The auto-dialer calls the local authorities and lets them know that a break-in has occurred.
  • The auto-dialer contacts all the phone numbers you've preprogrammed into the phone to let them know that something is wrong.