Amazing Animals: Butterfly Quiz
by Staff
Butterflies are like the peacocks of the insect world -- they dazzle with their brightly colored wings and flit delicately among blooming flowers. Yet how do these seemingly dainty bugs survive against the harsh outdoor elements?

The caterpillar phase happens during which developmental stage?

  • larval
  • pupal
  • adult

What event usually precedes a butterfly's death?

  • migration
  • mating
  • egg hatching

What body part does a butterfly use to taste?

  • wings
  • antennae
  • legs

What are butterfly wings made of?

  • chitin
  • feathers
  • freckles

Which element is the most dangerous for butterflies?

  • rain
  • cold
  • wind

During the daytime, why do butterflies bask with their wings open?

  • to scare away predators
  • to camouflage themselves
  • to soak in the heat

What is a staple for butterflies?

  • nectar
  • leaves
  • flowers

What famous migration route do monarch butterflies follow?

  • United States to Mexico
  • Canada to the United States
  • Mexico to Morocco

Why do butterflies eat so much?

  • to stay warm
  • to grow
  • to gain energy for flight

Which of the following would not make a helpful addition to a butterfly garden?

  • shrubs
  • single-petal flowers
  • brightly colored flowers