The Ultimate California Family Vacations Quiz
by Staff
There are literally hundreds of dream vacations to take kids in California, from Disneyland to Yosemite and from San Diego Zoo to Alcatraz.

Disneyland has theme areas such as Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Frontierland. Which of these other theme areas are in Disneyland?

  • Monsterland and Walt's Country
  • Great Whitewaterland and Cookieland
  • Critter Country and Adventureland

Avalon has a famous _____

  • hotel
  • casino
  • shooting range

General Sherman is a huge sequoia tree in Sequoia National Park. How old is it?

  • about 1,500 years old
  • about 2,500 years old
  • about 3,000 years old

In Yosemite Valley, what form of transportation is used to ease the traffic flow during peak vacation times?

  • shuttle buses
  • trains
  • jeeps

At Monterey Bay Aquarium, there is a petting pool for children. What can they pet?

  • coral and sea anemone
  • bat rays and sea stars
  • sting rays and goldfish

At SeaWorld in San Diego, you can walk through a very long tunnel in a 280,000 gallon exhibit. What is in the exhibit?

  • sharks
  • dolphins
  • whales

What is the Mouse House in San Diego Zoo made of?

  • glass
  • bread
  • cheese

Approximately one million people come to the annual Tournament of Roses Parade. Where does it take place?

  • Hollywood
  • Santa Barbara
  • Pasadena

The California State Railroad Museum offers steam train rides along which river?

  • the Smith River
  • the Sacramento River
  • the Klamath River

Most Alcatraz Prison escapees would have perished in the effort. How?

  • by being attacked by wild animals
  • by being shot while scaling the walls
  • by being swept out to sea or dying of exposure in the icy waters

The Exploratorium offers a wonderful, hands-on museum experience. How many permanent exhibits does it have?

  • 450
  • 650
  • 850

William Randolph Hearst was not shy about entertaining. He was proud of Hearst Castle. How many different tours can you take to see it these days?

  • two
  • four
  • five

What sort of climate does Santa Barbara enjoy?

  • mild Mediterranean climate
  • tropical climate
  • continental climate

Within the vast Legoland is Miniland, which is constructed out of millions of Lego pieces. How many millions?

  • just 20 million
  • an enormous 30 million
  • a whopping 40 million

If you walk along the Big Sur coastline, you'll sometimes catch a glimpse of migrating gray whales. During what months?

  • between January and June
  • between August and November
  • between December and May

The Getty Center is known for its sculptures and world-class:

  • African artifacts
  • Oriental art
  • European paintings

Every year, hundreds of fossils are discovered at La Brea Tar Pits. What do geologists call these tar pits?

  • eco areas
  • asphalt seeps
  • fossil pits

The vineyards at Napa Valley boast rich, fertile soils. Of all the soil varieties known on Earth, how many are found there?

  • one third
  • a half
  • three quarters

What color is the Golden Gate Bridge?

  • sea blue, cool!
  • gold, duh
  • orange vermilion, of course

The Chinese New Year Parade is an old San Francisco tradition. When did this tradition start?

  • soon after Columbus discovered America
  • in the Mayflower 's sailing days during the 17th century
  • after the Gold Rush in 1849