The Ultimate Camping Cookware Quiz
by Staff
Cooking in the great outdoors is the ultimate camping experience, provided you purchase the right cooking equipment for your individual needs, whether simple or elaborate. Take this quiz to learn more about getting the right camping cookware for you.

How does camping cookware differ from your regular kitchenware?

  • constructed to withstand moving
  • disposable
  • bacteria resistant

What is a critical factor of cookware for backpackers?

  • aesthetic design
  • weight
  • durability

Why may you decide to forgo the camping percolator?

  • takes up a too much space
  • single use item
  • both answers

What is an alternative to packing a camping tea kettle?

  • use any old pot to boil water
  • drink juice
  • neither answer

What may a pot to boil water be used for?

  • cook pasta
  • sterilize utensils
  • both answers

What multi-purpose utensil can be used to slow roast meat in a pit?

  • frying pan
  • Dutch oven
  • both answers

A Jetboil system works well in what conditions?

  • warm weather and low altitudes
  • warm weather and high altitudes
  • cold weather and high altitudes

What cooking system is designed for some heavy duty campsite cooking?

  • Coleman's "Fold N Go Grill"
  • Cadac SA's Safari Chef Grill
  • both answers

What cookware results in fast, even cooking?

  • heavier cookware
  • medium cookware
  • lighter cookware

What material results in faster, more even cooking?

  • cast iron
  • aluminum
  • stainless steel

What cooking material is the lightest?

  • aluminum
  • copper
  • stainless steel

What is an advantage of titanium cookware?

  • expensive
  • lightweight
  • delicate

Which stove fuel is the most volatile?

  • kerosene
  • naphtha
  • propane

What is a disadvantage of using kerosene?

  • smoky
  • expensive
  • hard to find

Why is methanol a poor choice for cold weather campsites?

  • creates half the heat of naphtha
  • expensive
  • smoky

Why can't campers just gather wood to fuel a campfire?

  • against the law
  • destructive to the environment
  • could be unusable

What kind of soap should you use to wash camp pots, pan and eating utensils?

  • biodegradable soap
  • antibiotic soap
  • regular soap

If you don't have soap, what is an alternative for cleaning cooking utensils?

  • sand
  • snow
  • both answers

What should you do with leftover food particles?

  • scatter on the ground away from campsite and water source
  • burn the leftovers
  • dump in the water source

How can you protect the non-stick surface of pots and pans when storing them away till the next camping trip?

  • put a protective layer
  • store in a stuff sack
  • nest sets together