The Ultimate Camping Showers Quiz
by Staff
Staying clean on a camping trip can take a lot of effort. If a swipe with a baby wipe is not sufficient for you, consider a camp shower system. Take this quiz to learn more about taking camping showers.

Why may public campsite showers be less than desirable?

  • unsanitary
  • lack privacy
  • both answers

What is the easiest shower to construct when camping?

  • rigged water can
  • hot water camping shower
  • vehicle-mounted shower

Which device can provide you with a 10-minute shower under hot running water?

  • rigged water can
  • hot water camping shower by Zodi
  • neither answer

How is the Zodi hot water camping shower powered?

  • propane
  • battery
  • both answers

What powers a vehicle-mounted shower?

  • battery
  • propane
  • car's running engine

What is a downside to hot water camping showers?

  • showers are short
  • lot of equipment to carry
  • huge cost

What item can offer you privacy while showering?

  • shower tent
  • well placed bush
  • shower location far away from camp

What are shower tent walls constructed of?

  • aluminum sheets
  • bed sheets
  • fabric coated in polyurethane

What is an inexpensive option for a shower tent?

  • construct it yourself
  • large tarp
  • both answers

For a vehicle-mounted shower system, where should you park your vehicle to get adequate water pressure?

  • on an incline
  • level ground
  • neither answer

Which shower system will have better water pressure?

  • Zodi hot water camping shower
  • solar shower
  • both answers

What type of shower nozzle is best for a camp shower?

  • small
  • medium
  • large

What size tubing will give you the best water pressure from a camp shower?

  • small
  • medium
  • large

If you use water from a lake or stream for your shower, what do you need to do to purify the water?

  • use a water purifier
  • add chlorine to the water
  • no purification is needed

How can you clean debris from the water?

  • use a cotton t-shirt as a filter
  • no need to clean debris
  • neither answer

What will kill the microorganisms in the shower water?

  • hot water
  • cold water
  • filter

Where should you set up the camping shower?

  • downhill from campsite
  • uphill from campsite
  • next to campsite

Why should you prevent shower run-off from draining into waterways?

  • raise the water level
  • harmful soap products
  • both answers

What is an advantage of a solar shower system?

  • inexpensive
  • lightweight
  • both answers

What is a negative aspect of a solar shower system?

  • hard to set up
  • expensive
  • takes longer to heat