The Ultimate Camping Toilets Quiz
by Staff
It's a dirty job, but someone has to deal with the human waste accumulated while camping. Learn about the available toilet options for before you plan a camping trip by taking this quiz.

Leaving human waste around a campsite is a:

  • normal occurrence
  • health hazard
  • both answers

What might human waste attract to your campsite?

  • rodents
  • humans
  • neither answer

What is a solution to the bathroom issue while camping?

  • camping toilet
  • no solution
  • neither answer

What happens to the human waste after using a camping toilet?

  • flushed away down the sewer
  • burned
  • disposed of at a later time

What is a type of camping toilet?

  • Toto Washlet
  • bucket
  • both answers

What is the most elaborate camping toilet?

  • bucket
  • collapsible
  • flushable

How far from trails and water sources should you position your camping toilet?

  • 50 feet
  • 75 feet
  • 200 feet

What would you use quicklime for on a camping trip?

  • eliminate odor of waste
  • slow decomposition of waste
  • both answers

How should toilet tissue be disposed of?

  • leave on the ground
  • bury at the campsite
  • put in the human waste bag

How should you dispose of the bag of waste?

  • down a regular toilet
  • dispose of anywhere
  • both answers

If using a flushable camping toilet, where does the waste go?

  • holding tank
  • down a sewer
  • neither answer

What size flushable toilet might you want for a longer camping trip?

  • 5 gallon
  • 10 gallon
  • 15 gallon

What is a drawback of the flushable toilet?

  • more expensive
  • compact
  • less maintenance

What changes liquid waste into gel?

  • soap
  • pooh powder
  • both answers

What size container will you need for 50 uses of the toilet?

  • 1,000 cubic inches
  • 2,000 cubic inches
  • 4,000 cubic inches

How can you prevent cross contamination?

  • keep food away from the toilet
  • store toilet brush separately
  • both answers

What should you do with the toilet lid to prevent insects from invading your space?

  • keep toilet lid closed
  • leave lid up
  • neither answer

What will make emptying the waste easier?

  • keep waste solid
  • keep waste liquid
  • keep waste semi-liquid

How should you maintain the toilet seat?

  • keep in an up position
  • use a disinfectant
  • neither answer

What should you always do immediately after using the toilet?

  • wash hands
  • rub hands with sand
  • empty waste bag