More S'mores, Less Whining!: Camping With Kids Quiz
by Staff
Camping with kids can be a magical experience. They get to learn about nature and spend some time playing outdoors, but bringing the kiddos on a camping adventure can have its challenges, too. Think you're a pro at kiddie camping? Test your knowledge right here!

What's one precaution to take when camping with an infant?

  • Pack extra bungee cords.
  • Don't go quickly to high altitudes.
  • Find the right goggles.

How can you prepare your child for a camping trip?

  • Tell him how much he will love it.
  • Read nature books together.
  • Bribery never hurt.

True or False: If your child is still in diapers, you can still take her.

  • True
  • False

How can you make sure your child doesn't get bored on a camping trip?

  • Tell him all about how to tie knots and pitch that tent.
  • Show him how to tie knots and pitch that tent.
  • Don't make him do something boring like tie knots or pitch that tent!

S'mores are the quintessential camping food! What ingredients make a s'more?

  • graham crackers, marshmallows, and a chocolate bar
  • peanut butter, chocolate chips, and 'nilla wafers
  • Nutella, sliced apples, and graham crackers

What's the most important when choosing a sleeping bag for your child?

  • price
  • temperature rating
  • size

True or False: If your child isn't afraid of the dark, there's no need to bring a solar night light on your camping trip.

  • True
  • False

When you head out from the campsite for a hike, which of these will you be glad you packed?

  • a coloring book
  • a handheld video game
  • snacks

True or False: You should bring a couple of your kid's toys on a camping trip.

  • True
  • False

What is co-sleeping?

  • sleeping in the same tent
  • sleeping at the same time
  • sleeping in the same sleeping bag

How young is too young to take a baby camping?

  • There's no such thing!
  • 6 months
  • 18 months

What's the best way to get your child to use the bathroom in the woods?

  • Find a campsite with bathroom facilities.
  • Try to make it seem fun.
  • Explain that it's OK.

True or False: If your kid isn't quite walking yet, a hike is a bad idea.

  • True
  • False

How can you make sure your child gets a good night's sleep on a camping trip?

  • Wear him out with a long hike.
  • Invest in an air mattress.
  • both of the above

Which of these is a good camping game for kids?

  • Hide and Seek
  • I Spy
  • Angry Birds

What's the best way to make a child who is afraid of the dark feel comfortable?

  • Bring a solar night light.
  • Try co-sleeping.
  • both of the above

How can a back yard campout help you prepare for your kid's first camping trip?

  • It helps him get over a fear of the dark.
  • It gives you a sneak peek of what camping with him will be like.
  • It lets you practice putting up the tent.

What can help make you less nervous about your child getting lost in the woods?

  • lecturing her before the trip about not wandering off
  • hiring a babysitter to come along
  • giving her a walkie talkie to carry

What do you do if your child is not jazzed about going camping?

  • Get him involved in picking out and packing up gear.
  • Tell him to stop complaining; he's lucky to get a trip anywhere.
  • Just ignore that negativity. He'll be fine once you hit the road.

How can you help your child have a pleasant time on a hike?

  • Bring his favorite handheld game.
  • Pack his favorite snacks.
  • Keep up a good pace, so he won't have time to get bored.