The Camshaft Quiz
by Staff
The air and fuel mixtures that power your car's engine are controlled by valves that open and shut. The essential camshaft rotates and instigates the valve movement. But how exactly does this crucial engine part work? See how well you can shift mental gears and take the camshaft quiz.

What are the key parts of the camshaft?

  • pistons
  • lobes
  • cylinders

Which of these is not a type of camshaft?

  • single overhead cam
  • pushrod
  • platinum overhead cam

In single and double overhead cam engines, what keeps the cams rotating?

  • crankshaft
  • timing belt
  • timing chain

How many cams would a double overhead V engine have?

  • 2
  • 4
  • 3

How do pushrod engines differ from overhead engines?

  • Pushrod valves are located in the head.
  • The valves are spring loaded.
  • The camshaft is located inside the engine block.

Which car company uses VTEC engines?

  • Honda
  • Ford
  • Toyota

What does advanced valve timing do?

  • keeps valves open longer
  • opens and closes valves later
  • opens the valves sooner

Why is the camshaft important to engine performance?

  • It regulates the amount of fuel and air that enters the engine.
  • It monitors the pistons.
  • It controls the action of the engine valves.

What part of the cylinder do cams press against to open valves?

  • rocker arms
  • springs
  • valves

What's the most persistent flaw in camshaft design?

  • corrosion
  • valve clogging
  • imperfect timing