Quiz: Can you clean a bathroom with just lemon?
by Staff
Bathrooms can become grimy quite easily. Bacteria and other unwanted substances find the warm and wet bathroom environment inviting and will soon make themselves at home in your bathroom. Luckily, cheap and plentiful lemons can help you with your bathroom battles! Take this quiz to learn how to use lemons to keep your bathroom sparkling.

Soap scum is a mix of dirt, soap residue and what?

  • water
  • bacteria
  • body oil

What does citric acid break down in soap scum?

  • bacteria
  • dirt
  • both of the above

How can you remove soap scum from bathroom surfaces?

  • with a cut lemon
  • with lemon pulp
  • with lemon rind

Rust is formed when which metal corrodes?

  • iron
  • aluminum
  • steel

What accelerates the formation of rust stains?

  • dryness
  • salt
  • paint

How can you stop further rust from forming?

  • Scrape it off.
  • Cover it with a cloth.
  • Paint over it.

If you don't have time to paint over rust, how else can you remove it?

  • Spray insecticide on it.
  • Rub alcohol on the rust.
  • Rub a lemon juice paste on it.

What sort of conditions favor mildew growth?

  • warm and damp
  • cool and damp
  • cool and dry

How can you remove mildew stains from a shower curtain?

  • Soak it in lemonade then rub with cut lemon.
  • Soak it in salt water then rub with cut lemon.
  • Soak it in lemon oil then rub with cut lemon.

What can you mix with lemon juice to make your own glass cleaner?

  • alcohol and dish liquid
  • baking soda and lavender oil
  • water and baking powder