Quiz: Can you eat sweets if you have diabetes?
by Staff
People with diabetes want their just desserts! It's hard to follow a diet without the occasional chocolate bar or cookie, let alone some sweetener in your coffee. This is where low-calorie sweeteners come into play. Take this quiz to learn about how to sweeten up your meals while still eating healthfully if you have diabetes.

If you have diabetes, you should _______.

  • completely avoid sugar
  • consume sugar in moderation
  • only use sugar substitutes

What should you do if you want to have desert with your meal?

  • Eat a piece of fresh fruit.
  • Eliminate or reduce carbohydrates from the meal.
  • Have a sugar-free desert.

What is the first thing you should check on a food label?

  • carbohydrates
  • calories
  • serving size

Which of the following products contains carbohydrates?

  • sugar-free and reduced-sugar products
  • no-sugar-added and dietetic products
  • both of the above

What are sugar alcohols?

  • really sugary cocktails such as margaritas
  • another term for reduced calorie sweeteners
  • a byproduct of fermentation

What is a side effect of ingesting sugar alcohols?

  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting

Reduced-calorie sweeteners have ________ the calories of regular sugar.

  • one-third
  • half
  • two-thirds

Low-calorie sweeteners are _________.

  • unsafe for regular use
  • are safe in moderation
  • safe for regular use

Why are low-calorie sweeteners good for people with diabetes?

  • They don't contain any carbohydrates.
  • They don't contain any calories.
  • both of the above

Which of the following is a low-calorie saccharin sweetener?

  • Splenda
  • Equal
  • Sweet'N Low

What was the initial health concern regarding saccharin use?

  • It caused cancer in rats when consumed in very high quantities.
  • It caused cancer in rats when consumed in low quantities.
  • It cause cancer in children when consumed in moderate quantities.

What is the overall finding regarding saccharin and health consequences?

  • Saccharin, in heavy and long-term use, can lead to cancer.
  • Saccharin, in moderate use, can lead to cancer.
  • Saccharin use does not lead to cancer.

How many times sweeter than sugar is aspartame?

  • two times
  • 50 times
  • 180 times

Why should you avoid using aspartame when baking?

  • It turns toxic when heated.
  • It loses its sweetness when heated.
  • It affects blood sugar when heated.

Who should limit their intake of aspartame?

  • children
  • pregnant women
  • people with phenylkeptonuria (PKU)

What is NOT a characteristic of the low-calorie sweetener called Neotame?

  • It's safe for people with phenylkeptonuria (PKU).
  • It's a thousand times sweeter than sugar.
  • It's sold in large chunks.

What is a benefit of acesulfame potassium?

  • has no aftertaste
  • can be heated
  • cheap to purchase

What is a benefit of sucralose?

  • no aftertaste
  • heat resistant
  • cheap

What can be one disadvantage of eating low-calorie sweetener products?

  • These products may contain more calories.
  • These products may contain more fat.
  • both of the above

Which of the following are other names for sugar?

  • glucose and fructose
  • levulose, maltose and lactose
  • both of the above