Car Suspension Quiz
by Staff
The suspension of a car is actually part of the chassis, which comprises all of the important systems located beneath the car's body. Suspension systems have been smoothing out bumpy rides for centuries -- first in carriages, now in cars. How much do you know about car suspensions?

One of the main purposes of a car suspension is to maximize the friction between what?

  • The shocks and the springs
  • The tires and the road surface
  • The driver and the passengers

A bump, or imperfection, on the roadway causes the vehicle's wheel to move up and down perpendicular to the road surface. What is this motion called?

  • Horizontal acceleration
  • Lateral acceleration
  • Vertical acceleration

What is the most common type of spring used in modern car suspensions?

  • Leaf springs
  • Coil springs
  • Air springs

What term describes the ability of a vehicle to travel a curved path?

  • Cornering
  • Road holding
  • Road Isolation

What are the two different cycles of shock absorbers?

  • Velocity cycle and momentum cycle
  • Depression cycle and expansion cycle
  • Compression cycle and extension cycle

What term describes the vehicle's ability to absorb road shock from the passenger compartment?

  • Cornering
  • Road holding
  • Road Isolation

To control all of the unwanted motions in a moving vehicle, all modern shock absorbers are what?

  • Velocity-sensitive
  • Computer-controlled
  • Wishbone-shaped

What term describes the degree to which a car maintains contact with the road surface in various types of directional changes and in a straight line?

  • Cornering
  • Road handling
  • Road Isolation

The MacPherson strut was developed by Earle S. MacPherson in what year?

  • 1907
  • 1927
  • 1947

What is loosely defined as the mass between the road and the suspension springs?

  • Unsprung mass
  • Sprung mass
  • Spring mass